Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hawaii here we come!

This has been a busy week getting our on-line adoption profile up and running, but it is finally done and should be up on Thursday.  If you would like to look at our profile go to, click on birth parents, search adoptive profiles, and put in our name: SteveAndDeidra.  Now we can get ready to go to Hawaii, we are leaving on Saturday morning and I still need to do laundry, pack and clean our house.  Plus spend some quality time with Zack!  He is really excited for us to go because he gets to sleep at Auntie Allies one night and the rest with his "down" grandma and grandpa.  
At our reception, in Memory Grove.

The Temple

I promise Steve was happy to have married me.  After many lectures he has finally learned to smile for pictures!

Wedding Day

Our wedding in the Bountiful Temple in November 2000.  

Our Engagement Picture

Our Engagement

This was taken moments before Steve proposed.  I reeled in a big fake diamond and he popped the question.  


We did alot of boating, which we love while we were dating.

Monday, February 25, 2008

We are up and running

We just today were approved by LDS family services to adopt a baby.  Our information should be on with in the next day.  We are really excited.  Thanks to all our friends and family for all of your help and support in this effort.  We will keep you updated on our progress and our lives via this blog so check back to see what is happening.  
Love, Steve, Deid and Zack

Pictures coming soon!