Wednesday, May 4, 2011

She has a name

If you don't want to read this whole long thing, scroll to the bottom...

I don't know about you, but I think choosing a name for a child is a difficult task, made even more difficult by my dear husband.

When I was pregnant with Zack, I thought picking a girl name would be so much easier than a boy name. I had several I liked. Steve wanted Emma, I loved Ivy and there were others too. I just can't remember them because that was over 8 years ago. For Zack, we had a short list and narrowed it down to two, which we couldn't decide on until we met him. When he was born, we knew he was a Zackary and not an Alexander.

As soon as we had a picture of our baby girl back in October, I started looking through the baby name books, even though I was pretty sure I knew what I wanted to name her. I had to be sure, plus, did I mention Steve hated the name I wanted? HATED. So, every night I would read through a book and write down any possibilities. Every once in a while I would read them to Steve and he would listen and say "yes", "no" or "maybe". I made it through 2 whole books and had about 20 names. Steve whittled it down to 4, in about 30 seconds. Lilly, Daisy, Lucy and Ivy. Did I mention that the name I wanted that Steve hated was Ivy? So, really he whittled it down to 3 names. But, I wasn't crossing Ivy off yet, I thought I could still convince him.

For the next few months, when I would go to bed, I would get the list out, and stare at her picture. Trying to decide what she looked the most like. Then the time came (about 4 weeks ago) that we had to decide because it was going on the paperwork we had to send in. We would not get to meet her before we named her.

One day Steve begrudgingly told me that if I really wanted to name her Ivy, I could. Reeeally?! I don't think so. I would always feel like he hated her name every time he called her that. (Did I mention that the reason he hates that name is because of the movie "Poison Ivy" with Drew Barrymore? He hates Drew B. and although I haven't seen the movie the character named Ivy was quite the evil skank and he can't get past it. Weird.)

So we were left with Lilly, Lucy and Daisy. In the end I decided we couldn't name her Lilly because that is a trendy name for girls adopted from China (ever seen Modern Family?) and although I thought she LOOKED like a Lucy, I didn't love the name. So....her name will be Daisy! I really do like the name a lot and so does Steve so we both win! Plus it really doesn't hurt that I know 2 awesome girls with the name Daisy!

Her full name will be Daisy YuChen. Yu Chen is her Chinese name and it means morning rain and we really wanted to keep it to honor her Chinese heritage. I hope it fits her!