Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Happy Halloween

Zack at his Halloween parade at School.  He wasn't shy at all!

Zack with Deidra's mom.

Ready to go trick-or-treating.  This year I nervously let him go with some kids from the neighborhood. (Some of them are older so I knew he was in good hands.) He is getting so big!  

After trick-or-treating we went to Steve's sister Lori's house for soup and scones, a tradition she has had since she moved back a few years ago.  Lori is the black widow, next to cousin Brook, who is next to step-daughter Sierra.  

Steve, Zack, Grandma and Grandpa (Steve's parents).  No costumes?

Zack didn't have school on Halloween so we spent the day carving pumpkins. I used a template to do this one.

Zack designed this one himself and I cut it out for him. Both of these pumpkins were home grown in our garden. Out of 4 pumpkin plants planted, we got two measely pumpkins! That shows what a green thumb I have. We will try again next year! (This pumpkin is actually quite large, but the other one was pretty small)

For family home evening one night we made this scary gingerbread house. Zack was the designer and I was the assistant. Steve took a nap on the couch. (I sure am glad that I don't have a stressful, full-time job!)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Funny Things From Zack

Whenever Zack says funny things, I jot them down on a post-it note and then when I have a few I post them.  Here is the latest from our goof-ball. 

Z:  (Urgently)  I need you to do something for me....like you're my humble servant.


Z:  For Christmas, could you give me an i-pod?  Or maybe a phone?


Our family was driving down the street and we passed a tattoo shop. Then.....

Z:  I wish I could be a "dude" kid and then I would have a skull tattoo.
S:  What's a "dude"?
Z:  You don't know? (incredulous)
S:  Someone like me?
Z:  Hysterical laughing for 30 seconds then....No!

While we were at the Tower of Terror (see below) Zack came across some leather wrist bands (like a bracelet, wide leather with snaps, you know?)  He wanted to buy them for $8 each and said they were what "dudes" wear.  Where did he come up with this concept of DUDES?

Our little "Dude" getting ready to go "hunting" with daddy

Our California Adventure

A couple of weeks ago (I know, I am soooo slow!) we went on our annual California trip. We usually go in May so it was nice to switch things up and go in the fall this time. The weather was so perfect! Hot on our beach days and warm on our Disneyland days. We stayed with Steve's brother as usual in his comfy house in the beautiful Laguna Niguel area. It is 5 minutes from the beach and 30 minutes from Disneyland. He is so great to let us come every year and he even spent a day with us at Disneyland which made it that much more fun.

We spent one day at Disneyland and one day at California Adventure. We spent three days at the beach and we also were able to go to the beloved Orange County Market and do some shopping and drink fresh squeezed lemonade. I could have stayed all day, despite that fact that I was coming down with some dreaded illness and I felt like poop. I love shopping!

Also on our agenda was EATING. We have our favorites and we usually hit them all on our trips to Cali. First off is In-And-Out Burger, then a fish taco joint, then Jack In The Box (per Steve's request, I could skip this one). That's the extent of our fast food tour. Next is sushi in Laguna Beach, Shabu-Shabu in Little Tokyo, and Yaki Niku in Costa Mesa. The Yaki Niku was a first this year and we are going to try and find a better restaurant next year (if you have any recommendations in the area). We also indulged in Japanese pears via Costco and some delish Hagen Das chocolate-chocolate ice cream bars (only allowed on vacation). I almost forgot, on our way there we stopped overnight in Mesquite and had a surprisingly good prime rib dinner for only $4.99. We'll do that again!

We all had a really fun, relaxing trip and we realize how blessed we are to be able to take fun trips like this. It is something that is important to us both, making time for R and R, having fun and making family memories that Zack will have his whole life.

Uncle Shawns Macaw, Skyler.  Deidra can't get too close to her because Skyler hates her (she hates most women so I don't take it personally). Zack likes to look at her but not hold her because her claws are sharp and scary.  She's really pretty and talks alot.

This day we were at Newport beach.  Zack is warming up after playing in the water.  Deidra's idea of a good time at the beach is reading her book!

This was the first time Zack tried boogie boarding and he was really good at it. He just didn't like getting the water in his mouth!

Our little surfer boy!

Steve shows him the ropes!

Disney's California Adventure

Notice the hat Zack picked out, it has a strap on front where you can attach the sunglasses that came with it.  

Since Deidra doesn't ride circular rides, Steve took Zack on this one. See Zack waving his Mickey Mouse hat?

I think we were the last people to leave the park that night, it was deserted! Right across from where we are standing is the best soft serve ice cream we have ever had.  Zack had cotton candy flavoring on his cone and I had a root beer float, Yum!

We almost didn't ride this ride, the line was 30 minutes long but we decided to anyway.  I can't remember the name of it but it was something to do with Buzz and Woody and it was super fun. It was like an arcade game where you shoot at stuff and get points (kind of like the buzz ride at Disneyland but different).  For the first time in my life I got a higher score than Steve on something!  Yes!  It was well worth the wait.  

So excited waiting to ride the Tower of Terror!

We tried to go back to Disneyland after CA closed but it was Friday night and soooo busy we couldn't stand it.  We rode like 3 rides, got caught in the parade traffic and then got out of there.  We were starving by then (ice cream only holds you over for so long) so we went to the IHOP across the street for a dinner breakfast.  Kids eat free...yeah!
Steve and Zack, waiting for lift-off!

Zack loved the river run and got soaked!

Our all time favorite ride was this - The Hollywood Tower of Terror!  We had no idea what we were getting into when we first got on.  Then after it was over, we had to ride it again!

I look terrified - which I was and Steve and Zack just look like they are having a great time - which they were!

Zack was dying to have his face painted so we shelled out the $12 for this cool snake.  He loved it!  I was surprised he wanted to do it because he doesn't like it when people stare at him.


Our family and Uncle Shawn on Big Thunder Railroad

We love Disneyland!

Deidra was really wet after Splash Mountain! (Well, we all were but I got it the worst)

When we were almost to the end of Splash Mountain, the ride broke. We sat, soaking wet in the chilly cave for about 10 minutes before we were rescued by a cast member who kept calling us "loggers". He helped us out of the boats and we had to shimmy along a ledge to the exit door. Zack didn't want to get this close to the bunny but we made him.

Even though the cast member told him not to, Steve kept filming and taking pictures while we found our way from the back lot to the magic that is Disneyland.