Friday, December 26, 2008

I always knew it...

Ha ha! This is so funny! I wouldn't have made it in the 1930's. Maybe I'm still not makin' it. Ask Steve what he thinks!


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Thanks Sally Girl for the idea!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is that kid OK?

**Is your child soooo happy and excited that it's Christmas?
**Does your child have a meltdown if you tell him you will not buy him a nutcracker?

**Does your child tell you how many days till Christmas, 5 times each day, smiling like he will burst?
**Does your child cry and whine because the Christmas CD you burned him isn't up to snuff?

**Does your child break out in Christmas song and ask to hear Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer 8 times in a row in the car?
**Does your child whip you repeatedly with his new scarf while you drive the car and get offended when you yell and confiscate the scarf?

**Does your child ask you: "What have you always wanted for Christmas? I will buy it for you!"
**Does your child bounce off the pews in church, fight with his friend in primary, storm out of his primary classroom and glare at his primary teachers?

**Does your child happily declare that he is giving all his money ($2) to his Uncle (Jeff) for Christmas?
**Does your child get mad and refuse to sit on Santa's lap because he already sat on Santa's lap and this is a different Santa and he already told him what he wanted and how many Santa's are there anyway?

**Does your child freely admit that he was disobedient at the church Christmas party, agree to clean the car as his consequence and then happily finish the task?
**Does your child eat nothing but candy all day, stolen from candy dishes around the house and then have a donut for lunch? (OK the donut was my idea!)

**Does your child go around excitedly telling people all of the things he's getting for Christmas because he circled them in a toy catalog so that means he must be getting them?
**Does your child poke your dog with a fork to see what will happen?

**Does your child wear a fur trimmed Santa hat around the house and try to get the dog to wear one too?
**Does your child refuse to get out of the car and go into ONE MORE store?

Think your child might be going crazy? Nope, it's just Christmas.

Happy Holidays! Hope we all survive!