Monday, January 12, 2009

Risking our lives for a little fun

A couple of weeks ago we decided to take Zack sledding to our local sledding hill. Uncle Jeff really wanted to go too so we invited him. We had a fancy new sled from Costco to try out, an old, round, plastic disc and Jeff's plastic toboggan. Let me just say that people are CRAZY! I sledded a little but mostly watched and time after time I saw people almost kill themselves or others. It was nuts! But, the boys had fun and we were all able to avoid injuries. And, it turns out the cheapest, most plastic sleds are the best. We took our fancy one back to Costco for a full refund!

Jeff and Zack zooming down the hill

Uncle Jeff and Zack with the lame Costco sled

The three boys all racing down the hill, Zack ended up backwards a lot

A little late....

Our favorite Christmas gifts of 2008:

Santa brought me a new Dyson Animal Vacuum! I have been wanting one for a long time. Blasted dog hair!

A Hanten (It is a Japanese jacket/robe) Steve brought one back from his mission and wore it until it disintegrated. Sometimes he comes home and sits around in his coat, which for some reason bugs me. So, two days before Christmas this idea came to me that he needed another Hanten. The fact that I found one in Utah was a Christmas miracle! Thank you Craigs list!

Santa brought Zack a Nintendo DS and two games (Mario cart and Lego Indiana Jones) to play. He wants to play it ALL the time!

A brand new giant Nylabone to chew! He takes it everywhere and we keep stubbing our toes on it. Ouch!

Santa also brought our family a Guitar Hero World Tour band set. We have had a lot of fun rockin out and Zack is learning to play the drums! If you haven't tried it you definitely should.

Simpson wants to say...

Happy New Year!