Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To spoil or not...

That is the question.

So, Steve and I went to bed slightly angry tonight.

Well, he went to bed, I am up playing on the computer. Even though "they" say never to go to bed angry, we do. In the morning I have forgotten all about it. Steve usually calls me from work mid-morning wondering if everything is OK and I'm like: "what?"

Anyway, back to my question. Steve and I are disagreeing on the amount of "stuff" and "things" to get Zack for Christmas. I need your unbiased advice and want to know how you handle Christmas gifts at your house. So, I won't tell you which of us is who, so you won't feel bad taking sides.

One of us thinks that if a kid asks Santa for something, they should get it. (Within reason, you would have to somehow explain why Santa couldn't bring a swimming pool or a new baby!) This same person thinks it's OK to spend money in December and add it all up in January, when you pay the bill. You just buy stuff until you feel done. You KNOW when you're done.

The other of us thinks that there should be a $100 limit on all Christmas gifts per child. Period.

So, if child in question asks Santa for a Nintendo DS Lite, which costs at least $130, not including games, then you are already over the budget and there are still no presents from that child's parents. What to do? Does Santa need to give said child something else? Something he didn't ask for? Is it acceptable to be disappointed on Christmas morning? Does it ruin the spirit of Christmas if you "spoil" your child? Is it worth having your spouse mad at you if you go against their wishes?

So, tell me what you think. How do you handle things like this?

Disclaimer: Steve and I are not in a big fight over this, we just disagree. This is not going to cause a giant rift in our marriage.

Hmmm, what should we get Simpson for Christmas?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Zack's Webkin

On Saturday Zack visited a friend who has a "webkin" and came home insisting that he must have one. Zack is given a weekly allowance of $2.50 so any toys he wants have to be purchased by him (unless it's Christmas, birthday or earned in some other way). So, he got to work and drew this depiction of his intended purchase. He was told they were $6 and he wanted the elephant version. He was also told they were sold at Walmart. He placed $14 (all the money he owns) inside the folded drawing and taped it up. So today after school he grabbed the drawing and off we went to Walmart. Well, just in case you are looking for Webkins this holiday season, Walmart does not have them. We had to go to the Red Balloon and they were $14.99. Guess who's not getting a Christmas present from Zack this year? Anyway, he is thrilled with his purchase and can't wait to buy clothes for his elephant next time he saves up a mere $5-$10!

Zack and "Bob"