Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thirsty anyone?

So we got back from our vacation late last night and I have a cold and have been taking it easy today. Zack and a friend wanted to have a lemonade stand so I told them to have at it and stayed out of the process.

Since this is Zack's first ever lemonade stand (he keeps telling me "it's not lemonade, it's Koolaid!") I thought I had better go take a picture. This is what I discovered when I went out there...

(Note the pitchers in laps and the stirring spoon in Zack's mouth)

I asked Zack's friend if he had been slurping Koolaid from his spoon too and he admitted he "might have". Trying not to laugh, I kindly let them know that they couldn't sell the "contaminated" juice but they could sure drink it themselves, to which they sadly replied that it tasted like water. I made them a new pitcher of Koolaid according to Health Department Standards and not too watered down and told them they could sell that batch. They tasted it (with a cup!) and found it to be delish and were excited for their first customer, who just happened to be the friends sister and her pal. The only other person I have seen out there has been the ice cream man. Probably checking out the competition!

My heart is melting at how cute they are!