Sunday, March 1, 2009

Zack says...

**The other day Zack had a tummy ache. We were late for school so I just brushed him off and told him to go get something from his room. When he didn't return I went upstairs and found him on the floor with this:

He was rolling it back and forth with his arms in the push-up position. When I asked him what he was doing he said: "Daddy says this helps with your stomach." His tummy was fine after that.

**A few day's ago Zack was mad about something I wouldn't let him do (I can't remember what). He walked out of the room and yelled: "I want a better mom! You are always so RUDE!" I have a feeling that is not the last time I will hear that!

**One day I had Zack's friends mom pick him up from school for a play date. She always goes to Starbucks and this day she had picked up a treat for the boys. When they got in the car she asked Zack if he would like a cocoa. He said: "No, we don't drink that." She tried not to laugh and then asked him if he would like some hot chocolate instead, to which he replied: "Yes!"

**Steve has taken Zack skiing a few times and it can be somewhat frustrating for them both at times. Zack just wants to zoom down the hill. Steve wants him to learn the basics first, of course. One such time Steve was lecturing Zack about something, maybe he was a little mad or frustrated. A little while later Zack chuckled and said: "Dad, you know when you were talking to me? Your teeth were green and green smoke was coming out of your mouth!" I guess those are the kinds of things going through his mind when we are lecturing him and he gets that glazed look in his eyes. Hilarious!

**Zack recently discovered a cool thing you can do with those malted milk Easter egg candies:

Just so you know, it can stain the skin!

A milestone

In January, Zack lost his first tooth! It was wiggly for a few weeks and then one night at his grandma's he was eating an apple and out it came. He was a little upset at first especially since there was a little blood, but then he put it in a baggie so he could show us and put it under his pillow. That night the tooth fairy came and left him three dollars. She also left the tooth, because it was his first. He looks so cute with the little gap in his mouth!