Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday Fun

We decided we would do a fun birthday party every other year, and this year was a party year. I let Zack choose everything. The only limit I set was number of guests: 7. (I get too stressed to entertain a million kids, for my own sanity I have to keep it small.)

Theme: Harry Potter
Place: Jungle Jims
Cake: White on white
Friends: Christopher, Christopher, Andrew, Dresden, Logan, Riley, and Cooper
Accessories: Harry Potter balloons, Harry Potter glasses and lightning bolt tattoos, Harry Potter tableware.

He and his friends had a good time riding rides, playing games and redeeming their tickets for junk...er, I mean prizes!

He got so many nice gifts from his friends, people are really generous. From mom and dad he got Legos, a DS game, battleship, and DS accessories.

Grandma Rodgers and Auntie Ally were so nice to come and help! What would I do with out them?

Six Happy Years

It was Zack's birthday a couple of weeks ago and I thought I would post a photo montage of his life by year. (I REALLY wish I was a better photographer!)

We love him so much and are so blessed to have him. He is truly a miracle and we enjoy every minute with him!

Here are some of his favorites:

Color: blue
Animal: elephant
Sport: baseball
Food: mac n cheese
Drink: chocolate milk
Candy: fruit snacks
Toy: nintendo ds
Book: his homework books (that Mrs. Bailey sends home)
Movie: Star Wars
TV show: word girl
Store: Toys R Us
Vacation spot: California
Restaurant: Rock Creek Pizza

Just Born

One year old

Two years old

Three years old

Four years old

Five years old

Six years old