Friday, November 20, 2009

What anniversary?

For the past few months our Relief Society presidency has been trying to plan a board meeting and it has been rescheduled at least once. Finally we settled on a date of Wednesday, November 18th to take place at our Presidents house. She called me last Friday to ask if we could change it to my house because she has to vacate her house sooner than she thought (she recently sold her house and is moving away, sniff). I agreed to be the host in 4 1/2 days despite the fact that I was going to be working almost non-stop up until then, and hosting parties gives me panic attacks.

Two days before the meeting I was saying something about it to Steve and he says, "you know that's our anniversary, right?"


Yeah, I forgot my own 9th wedding anniversary. Ooops.

How could I forget to celebrate the day I married the best guy on earth? Yes, I said the best! Let me tell you why:
He cooks
He cleans
He gardens
He organizes
He builds
He remodels
He fixes
He works HARD
He plays hard
He is intelligent
He is funny
He is loving
He doesn't yell when I spend money
He takes me on dates
He is a great dad
He doesn't like to fight

and last...
He picked ME!

I love you Stevie! I hope you can put up with me for eternity!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Other October Occurrences

Lake Powell
The first weekend in October we went to Lake Powell again with two of our favorite families. We had a good time despite the chilly and windy weather. We have always had perfect weather in October, but this year was not to be.

Zack is such a dare-devil. If the tubing isn't fast enough he acts like he's bored stiff!

Zack did some beginner boogie-boarding this year, he looks mad but he really enjoyed it.

Shannon, Rick and Steve jumping off a major cliff. Do you like Steve's relaxed body?

Zack gets a little higher every year!

Rick got an old school jet ski right before this trip. The first time Mindy tried it out she fell off and the thing just kept going toward shore instead of circling her. Luckily Rick was able to jump off the houseboat and swim to it right before it hit the rocks!

Here he is pulling Zack and A on a tube!

This year we got a season pass to Lagoon. It was really fun to have and just take off for a few hours and not feel like you have to ride every ride. We just relaxed and had fun and if the lines were too long we came back another time. We liked October a lot because they have Frightmares. All of Lagoon is decorated for Halloween and there are haunted houses you can go through. Zack loved them! It was nice to be there during the cooler weather too!

These photo ops were all over the park, but this was my favorite one.

Zack's school had Red Ribbon Week where they talk about not doing drugs, etc. There was a theme every day. The first day was pajama day and he was all excited to wear his. As he was literally walking out the door he panicked and insisted on changing into clothes. I helped him change quickly and off he went. It turns out every kid in the school was wearing PJ's but him. He just gets sooo embarrassed so easily! The next day was supposed to be crazy sock/slipper day. Well, you can't find crazy socks for boys at a moments notice so I got him some camo slippers. He wore them and was the ONLY kid in slippers. He was so embarrassed that I took him his shoes and he was very grateful. Poor kid, we just can't win.
Zack wanted black striped hair for crazy hair day. I was afraid it wouldn't come out of his white hair but it did.

Just a weird picture I found on the camera when I downloaded all of the pictures. The things those boys do while I am at work!

Halloween Fun

This year Zack got to dress up three times. He wanted to be a scary skeleton and we found this inexpensive "gatekeeper" costume at a not-to-be-mentioned-mart. I had a lot less stress this year not having to come up with a creative homemade costume. The costume came with a scary skeleton mask with horns on it. Since no masks are allowed and the mask would have only fit a small baby, I decided to cut it up and made the coolest helmet ever. I mean, what kind of gatekeeper would guard a gate with out head protection, right? I stayed up late the night before the school parade trying to get the horns to stick to the plastic helmet and finally found some glue that sort of worked. I held the horns in place for over an hour to keep them stuck.

The next morning I proudly presented it to Zack, sure that he would be beyond grateful.

Nope. He hated it! Wouldn't wear it.

Apparently it is quite unbelievable for horns to be coming out of a helmet, despite my protests that gatekeepers can buy helmets with holes cut for their devilish horns.

I did manage to get one picture of him wearing it before he tore it off and ran into the church party.

Note the essential key in his hand. Steve did his face for this event and Zack liked it the best. The third day in a row of putting on his make-up, he started screaming and crying because it was burning his skin. He made me keep going and he sucked it up because he had to have the full effect for his costume. He has a bit of a rash now, what can I say, he got my sensitive skin.

At the school parade, sans helmet. I am the room mother this year for Zack's class. I was all stressed about it when they asked me to do it but it turns out the other 1st grade teacher (not Zack's teacher) doesn't like parties. I am off the hook. All I had to do was get some moms to go help in the classroom the day before for some Halloween themed learning. But no festivities other than the parade the next day. I'm not sure how to feel about this.

Zack only has 5 cousins, and 4 of them are adults. This is his 12 year old cousin K and they are surprisingly close. They were very excited to go trick-or-treating together in Auntie L's neighborhood. They got some full size candy bars, which doesn't happen in our neighborhood.

Steve's family from right to left: Auntie L, Steve, Grandma, Niece B, Niece C and B's husband S.

Friday, October 30, 2009


This morning for breakfast Zack had:

2 bags of Skittles
2 boxes of Nerds
1 Kit Kat
1 Hershey's bar
1 small Tootsie roll
1 large Tootsie roll

He was smart enough to throw the wrappers in the garbage outside.

I'm smart enough to look in garbage's.

He doesn't usually smell so sweet in the morning!

Ah, Halloween!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Knock on Wood

The other day I was realizing that Zack is rarely sick. I even mentioned it to Steve saying: "I've only taken him to the Dr. once for a sickness and he has never been on an antibiotic in his whole life." Well, last night at 3 am I was awakened from a sleeping pill induced sleep by Zack's cries. He proceeded to throw up for the next 2 hours and has been awake ever since. Next time I will knock on wood after I make a statement like that!

I hope everyone else is staying healthy!

Friday, October 16, 2009

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Driven to distraction

I think Zack has ADD.

Bummer huh?

When I think of his inablility to focus in terms of ADD instead of in terms of him just trying to agravate me, it makes me a lot more patient. I really don't think he can help it when I tell him to go get his shoes on we are leaving, and I find him inside Simpsons kennel snuggling his dog, no shoes in sight.

Also, it makes me really angry when adults and children alike yell at him to pay attention during a boring baseball game when he has been standing in the sun for 20 minutes while the other teams sucky coach tries to pitch balls 20 feet into the air and expects his little players to hit them and everyone expects Zack to be riveted to the "action" waiting for one of those balls to maybe come to him. *breathe* I would have been playing in the dirt too. Bor-Ring.

I just had to get that off my chest. I will be off to the library tomorrow to get some books on dealing with ADD. If you have a good one to recommend, let me know. I am sure there are plenty of people out there who have experience with this, it's not like it's uncommon or anything. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My creative cousin

If you want to feel inspired today (and maybe cry a little) go to this post by my cousin and look up her video. It is really good.

(Becca, I pray for Stewart!)

Don't forget to pray for our troops!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Could you help?

My friend Chris author of this blog made the following post on her blog and I asked her if I could copy it into my blog since I am too lazy to reword it. This really is an easy way for our friends and family to help out those of us trying to adopt.

Hello everyone. As many of you know, we hope to grow our little family through adoption. We appreciate the services of the LDS Family Services. The website that aids so many of us adopting and helps birthmoms know that they can receive counseling and information about their options is It is not a well-known site and can be a difficult site to find unless you know the web address. Recently, had a link to this website, helping adoptive couples and birthmothers alike feel love and support, as well as providing an easier way to find and contact LDS Family Services. It has since been removed, as it was a temporary link, much to my disappointment. So, I ask for your help.

Positive feedback is a strong way to show a need and support for something. I ask each of you to take just a few minutes and send feedback to about how important it is for birthmoms and adoptive couples that a link to be added permanently to the main webpage. To do this, please visit and click on the feedback link on the top of the page. You will be directed to a comment page, where you can add your voice to this need.

I know this may not directly affect many of you, but for those of us who depend upon the sacrifice and love of others to build our eternal family, this would mean so much. Thanks everyone!

If you have 90 seconds, would you mind? Thanks so much!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My big day

Yesterday I turned 35. This is really sad. I seriously don't feel 35. (I just did a quick calculation on the calculator to make sure I really am now 35, it's true, I am.)

Anyway, I had a fun day shopping with my mom and sister, out to lunch at Sconecutter (yum) and then dinner with some friends and family at the Bonsai Tempanyaki Steak House. The fried rice is the best!

Earlier in the month I got some new diamond bands for my wedding ring as an early present and then Steve and Zack got me a cute shirt and some DVD's. My mom and I are going to go clothes shopping when I have slimmed down some. Overall it was a great day and I am thankful for the great life I have. Here's to another year!

(Left to Right) Ally, Mike, my mom, Zack, Me and our friend Larry

Next to Larry is L (one of his kids), his wife Shannon, D (his other kid) and Zack.

What we accomplished/learned this summer

In an earlier post I listed our summer goals/plans. Zack accomplished all of his and then some. I accomplished all but three. Oh well, there's always next summer, right? I didn't list any for Steve but his were to remodel the bathroom and finish our backyard deck and go to Lake Powell. He is close to being done with both his projects and because we didn't get a baby, he was able to go to Lake Powell too. I will post pictures in a later post, when his projects are done.

Zack also acquired a very valuable life skill this summer.


Yes, he now does his own laundry. One morning I walked into his room to see how he was coming along, putting his clean laundry away. I caught him throw a huge pile of clean PJ's into the dirty hamper.

Something snapped inside me.

That was the day he was introduced to Mr. Washer and Mrs. Dryer. They are now fast friends.

I too learned something about laundry this summer. It is this:

If you put 2 tampons in your pants pocket and don't use them, then you throw said pants into the washer, when the wash cycle is done, you have a fuzzy mess. Then, if you ignore said mess and put it into the dryer, when that cycle is done, you have a strange, somewhat permanent stench cooked into your clothes. The smell reminds me of fish. It makes me gag.

I also learned that you must clean out the remaining tampon particulate from the seams of the pocket where they were left, because simply washing those same clothes over and over (at least 5 times), yields the same fishy smell. Then you must soak the clothes in an odor remover (the kind you use to get rid of dog-pee smell in your carpet) and then you must wash them again, without ANY tampon particulate (because you used a lint roller to remove any trace of it). Then you must wash them again.

Then I learned that buying new scrubs for work is OK, because it is better than smelling like fish all night. I hope you never have to learn this lesson like I did.

What did Steve learn this summer? When the guy at the tire store tells your wife that the car needs new tires before you drive 1000 miles to should listen.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm not ready!

Everyone keeps saying how ready they are for school to start. Not me! I am dreading summer being over. I LOVE summer!

I think I am also freaking out a little because Zack is going to be at school full time now. Not that I can't keep myself entertained but... it's just a new and different phase in our lives and I hate that he is growing up so fast.

Two more weeks to fit in all the fun stuff I can, all while trying to work and remodel the bathroom. Ugh!

We just got back from a totally fabulous trip to Lake Powell. Our friends have a houseboat and a ski boat and they are very generous to invite us down with them and their family. I didn't get very many pictures but here are a few we took.

Zack can't get enough of tubing and he always wanted a CRAZY ride! He is a total daredevil.

He also really loved the slide on the houseboat.

I can't believe I am posting this picture!

The kids loved fishing off the boat and actually caught some fish. Not my Zack though, he has my fishing handicap.

Most of the people who were on the trip. (Yes all the other moms were totally hot. I'm going on a diet.)

Steve tubing. They just kept crashing! I like a nice easy ride.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No time to blog

I have had alot on my mind lately and no time to blog. Here is what I have been doing so far this summer...

Trying to organize all the junk in my house (it's still not done)

Planning a garage sale (it MIGHT happen)

Remodeling our main bathroom (it's completely gutted)

Recovering from our failed adoption (he was due July 19th)

Working 24 hours a week

Church stuff

Picking zucchini (it's the only thing that has been successful so far in the garden)

Cooking zucchini, every night

Researching international adoption agencies

Eating snowcones at my brothers snow shack

Reminding myself how great my life is and all that I have to be thankful for

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Zack Says...

Mom: You're such a good boy Zack!
Zack: Oh no! I'm better than just that!

Zack saying his prayers: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this grateful day.

The other day I noticed that Zack had scribbled pen all over the white banister. I calmly told him that he would have to wash it off and gave him the miraculous Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. He was seriously not happy that he was being made to do this tedious chore. (The pen was ALL over our really long banister.) He whined and cried. Then he said in a really disgusted voice: "This isn't MAGIC, it's just a stupid SPONGE!"

Zack was playing with my brothers dog Tucker tonight at my mom's house. He came inside and I asked him why he wasn't playing with him anymore and he said: "Because Tucker's a shrewd dog!" (I think he thought that meant extra RUDE!)

Steve: Zack, for the 10th time, come and do your job!
Zack: (Very calmly) Dad, I would but I'm addicted to the TV.

The other day we were having a really loud thunder storm. Simpson is SUPER scared of thunder and we found him hiding in Zack's closet. We couldn't stop laughing until Zack touched him and noticed he was trembling so hard! Then we felt kinda sad for him. Zack gave him lots of love to make him feel better.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another California Adventure

We took our annual California trip in June and had a great time. We didn't plan anything too big or busy, just a lot of beach days and a day at Lego Land. I was also able to spend a few hours at my favorite shopping venue: the Orange County Market. I could spend all day there but Steve and Zack vetoed that idea. Some friends of ours happened to be vacationing there at the same time so they joined us at Lego Land and then spent a day at the beach with us. It was fun for us to hang out with them and Zack enjoyed having some kids around.

Also of note, we drove the whole way to California on 2 bald tires but were blessed not to get a flat until we were slowly driving down the coast highway! 2 hours and 2 brand new tires later we were on our way to the beach! The tire store gave us free passes to a water park which was crowded but fun.

Steve's brother, Uncle Shaun was in Brazil the whole time so we had his great house all to ourselves but we missed seeing him. His bird Skylar was NOT happy to have us there and whenever she was let out of her cage she started stalking us in preparation to kill us all. She especially hates me!

Lastly, we have to remember next time we take Zack on extended vacation: he must take a laxative every day! This happens every year and this year it culminated in a very traumatic enema. Enough said.

I forgot the camera so we only have some bad disposable camera pics and our friends sent us some nice pictures that they took.

He can't get enough of the ocean!

Or the sand!

Steve's a good sport!

Muscle man!

We ate with our friends at Ruby's on the pier. Hamburgers, fries, vanilla coke and malts. Does it get any better than vacation diets?

This was our first time at Lego Land. It was geared toward really little kids so I think this is the last year that Zack would really enjoy it, he is getting into the scary rides now. But he still really enjoyed it because he is crazy about Lego's.

This was the craziest ride in the park.

Steve's ride was 2 levels crazier than ours!

Our family won 1st place in the race to put out the fire!

This driving coarse was hilarious! The kids had no clue about staying on the right side of the road and yielding to others, etc.


Have you ever been to Bluff Utah? Have you ever heard of Bluff Utah? Well, my parents wanted their kids to go to Bluff Utah with them really bad. So we said we would, if they would camp with us. My sister and bro-in-law even bought them a tent. I found a campsite/RV park called the Cadillac Ranch and booked us a spot for Memorial Day weekend. It sounded nice. It had bathrooms. With showers. It claimed a pond with fishing and paddle boats.

It was awesome. If I ever go to Bluff Utah again, I am staying at the Cadillac Ranch. It was so quiet. No trashy trailers here! The bathrooms were heaven. I was clean every night! The pond on the other hand....not so great. It was really low, not enough water for paddle boats or fish. Just enough for noisy frogs and mosquitoes. But, they did have a small farm which Zack couldn't get enough of. They had horses, Emu's, pygmy goats, and donkeys. Zack loved when the goats and baby donkey would try to eat his clothes.

A good time was had by all, despite the rain. It only rained when it was convenient. One night we had dutch oven enchiladas at midnight and dutch oven cobbler at 1 am. (I always overestimate my dutch oven cooking abilities!) But they were delish-ous!

We went to some really neat spots in southern Utah and Colorado that I had never been before. I highly recommend this trip to anyone who likes to explore.

Our peaceful campsite.

We got Zack to do some dishes!

About one hour from Bluff is the 4 corners monument.

We waited in line to take each others photos. I had to bribe Zack with money to smile in this one because everyone standing in line was staring.

Our second day, we drove to Cortez Colorado, about 2 hours from Bluff and went to Mesa Verde National Park. It is chock full of Indian ruins. The best I have EVER seen. They were amazing and most of them were on such high and steep cliffs that they were not accessible. The park has made it so you can see about 7 of them close up and many of them from view points on the road. This is the first one we saw after a 15 minute hike down hill. (Note Zack and his bear sling shot that he bought with his vacation money.)

One of the ruins you can see from the road.

After our first hike, we went to see this performance. The singing and dancing was neat and unusual but about the 4th song, Zack asked why they kept singing the same song over and over!

Some of the ruins you can only see on guided tours. We only had time for one and this is us hiking down the cliff to see it.

Our tour guide was this weird Barbara Streisand looking lady. She was really boring and at one point she yelled at Zack to just sit down and hold still. We weren't very happy with her as you can tell from my sisters face!

We loved the needles overlook so much we had to take my family to see it on the way home.

Here is everyone who went (except Steve). My mom, Zack, me, my dad, sister Ally, bro-in-law Mike and brother Jeff. We were sad that my other two brothers and their wives couldn't come!