Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zack Says...

**One night before baseball practice Steve was giving Zack the talk he gives him before every game or practice. It goes something like this: "Now I don't want any misbehavin' tonight at baseball. You need to listen to coach and no talking back. You need to pay attention and no goofing off." Then he added a new twist: "I want you to be a leader. Do you know what a leader is?" Zack's eyes got bright and he excitedly said: "Oh, you mean like Darth Vader?!" Hmmm.

Is it too late to bring him back from the dark side?

**Zack has been busy drawing his pet guinea pig Oreo. He got him for Christmas and he is sooo cute!

**Zack spent the other day with my mom. He usually cons her out of a lot of treats. This particular night he was invited by our next door neighbors to walk over to Dairy Queen with their family and the missionaries. I told him not to get anything too big, knowing he had eaten a lot of sweets that day. When he got home he was just finishing off an ice cream cone and then went out jump on the tramp. Later he came in looking very distressed. He told me he had a tummy ache and started crying. Then he started blubbering and confessed to eating 50 jelly beans at my moms and that he asked for a small ice cream cone but it was huge and covered in chocolate and he ate the whole thing and the cone too and he doesn't usually eat the cone but this time he did! The whole episode reminded me of one of my favorite childhood movies Goonies. Remember when Chunk was crying and confessing to the Fratelli's? You can watch the clip here. Classic. I tried not to laugh, got him a bucket and a tums and put him to bed. He kept saying his stomach felt like it was "this big" and it was shrinking. I'm not sure what that means...

**The other day Zack's teacher sent home a note that said the kids were going to have a math store and they needed to bring 18 items to sell. I asked Zack what he wanted to sell and he just shrugged. I figured I would have to come up with something. Later we went to the new Hobby Lobby by our house (yea!) and he was inspired to make puffles and monster mice. He told me exactly what they would look like and be made of and chose the craft supplies all by himself. When I made some suggestions he said: "yeah, that's cool, but no thanks." We got home and he proceeded to hot glue 18 of these creatures all by himself without any prompting from me. They turned out really cute! I was able to help in his class the day of the math store and it was hilarious! Most of those kids had no concept of how to use money. I was the change giver and they would come give me a dollar and ask for a quarter. When I said they could have 4 quarters they looked at me like I was Santa. Some kids would come and give me the last of their money, say 4 pennies and ask for a quarter! They looked at me like I was really mean when I told them that wasn't going to work! Zack's creatures were a hit, he sold out really quickly and came running over to me and said: "I'm in business now! I'm all sold out!"

This is what the puffles and monster mice look like smooshed into my scanner - I can't find my camera