Thursday, October 2, 2008

Six insignificant things about me

(I have never been tagged before so I hope this is what I am supposed to do!)

1.  When ever I am alone in the car I blast the music really, really loud.

2.  I love going to Lake Powell so much that if someone invites us 4 days before they are going I will drop everything I have going on to be able to go. 

3.  I hardly EVER pay full price for anything.  

4.  I HATE being video recorded and I always come off as being really mean, even though I am really just embarrassed.

5.  I am a recovering perfectionist.

6.  I am a night owl!  I drag around all day and then at 7:00 pm I get a blast of energy and think I can conquer the world (or at least clean my house!)

I tag Samantha and Kris!