Thursday, March 27, 2008

Are we getting old?

Steve and I went snowboarding for the second time this season last Saturday.  It was so much fun and the weather was beautiful!  Much to my worry about my physical stamina, he got us all day passes.  (I say lets ease into it!)  I kept wondering why my muscles were burning, they didn't used to do that.?  Then there were thoughts of "why are we not wearing helmets, everyone else is?"  Steve had thoughts like "I hope I don't injure myself, it would be so easy to do.  A wrong turn here, a twist of the knee there."  Despite our worries and our advancing age we had a fabulous time and really "shredded up the slopes", without hurting ourselves.  We even stayed until the last minute.  Hopefully we can get up there one more time before summer comes!   


Jodi said...

It sounds like a fantastic time! I'm glad we have such cool friends . . . I'm a complete idiot on the slopes.


Shannon said...

No way! You guys are not getting old! And to prove your not getting old...after you were snowboarding all day you got together with friends that evening and played Rock Band like you were Rock Stars! :) Old? Not a chance!