Monday, June 2, 2008

Do you ever feel like a bad parent?

We've had a rough couple of days. I am trying to see the humor in Zacks deeds, maybe if I talk about it, it will become more funny. Here are some things Zack has done lately that make me shake my head and wonder....

Thursday night: sneaks out of church building with his friend, attempts to climb on a scooter parked in the lot, tips scooter over, spilling gasoline all over his body. Casually strolls back into church and pretends nothing happened. (I only found out because while driving home I querried "why does it smell like gas in here?".)

Friday night: attends Steve's work softball game. Half way through game, runs to adjacent field, stands behind a very slender orange pole, pulls down pants and procedes to urinate. I pretend not to see, so as not to call attention to him. Then a mother stands up, points and says "hey! is that kid peeing!?" Everyone looks and laughs. I hang my head in shame. Luckily no one noticed that he was not "JUST" peeing.

Monday morning: wakes up, asks for shredded wheat cereal which I know he will not eat. Insists on having it and wants MORE milk too. I argue, he wins. Later, I tell him to brush his teeth, lets go. He agrees, stating he has just eaten a whole bag of gummy bears. In the kitchen, shredded wheat is still in bowl and 10x it's normal size, gummy bear bag in shreds and empty. He happily paid me $2.00 for wasting food.


Tom said...

Deid, I am still laughing my head off! What a challenge Zack has been! I have three of my own too! I just went through a real tough one with kid #2! Remind me to tell you about it sometime. You will be really glad you recorded those experiences because before too long you will be able to laugh at them. Hang in there. I am going to forward you an email that helped me a lot! We need to plan a time for you to come and visit! Not yet though, believe it or not today I was in my Eddie Bauer down parka. It was cold! I hate that it is June and I am still wearing that thing! Okay, no more whining! Talk to you soon! Miss ya, Ang

Shannon said...

There are many times I feel completely inadequate to be a mother but I do the best I can. I was sitting at the dinner table last week with all my siblings and we were sharing all the horror stories that we put my parents through, made me realize that despite all the bad times there are many more good ones! I think my parents would whole heartedly agree with that too! Deid, you are a great mom and Zack is a lucky boy to have both you and Steve as parents!!!