Thursday, June 26, 2008

Friends, Fish, Fun

This last weekend we went camping and our good friends the Steeles came along for one of the two nights. We had a great time eating dutch oven enchiladas, talking around the campfire and fishing with them on Saturday, and they even caught a fish. We however, had no luck! But we will keep on trying! We each have our own fishing rod, including Zack who got one for Christmas. It was so cute to see him fish, he kept making Steve change the thingy on the end (what is it called anyway?) and Steve was very patient, changing it every 3 minutes for him because he was certain this would be the one thing the fish would like to bite. We putted around in Steve's "boat" most of the day and finally gave up. I have never caught a fish before so I am looking forward to the day! Maybe someday we will even have a REAL boat to do it from!


Shannon said...

It looks like you guys had a great time camping, fishing, and hanging out with the Steele's. I'm glad you guys were able to go. One of these days we will make it camping with you guys.

Tom said...

Hi Deid, So fun to see your camping pictures. I haven't seen the Steele's forever, gorgeous kids! And, Zack is sure looking grow up. I didn't know you have never caught a fish. You guys need to come up and we can go fishing in Island Park! Have a great Fourth! Love, Ang