Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Zack Says...

A little while ago I asked Zack if he could help me with the Christmas cards. He wasn't too excited about it but said he would. I thought he could help put the stamps on. Anyway, I have been getting everything ready, he had lunch, etc. A minute ago he came downstairs and said:

Z: (Firmly) Mom, I can't help you, I have too much to do.

M: Oh really? What do you have to do?

Z: I have to organize all my Lego's, not play with them, organize them. It's going to take a long time.

M: That's OK, organizing is important.

Z: Yeah.
Note the blur of hands as he quickly sorts! I have taught him well!

The other day in the car:

Z: Mom, I want to devour you!

M: Um, do you know what that means?

Z: Yes, it means I want to gobble you up!

Sometimes I want to gobble him up too!


Valerie S said...

I just love to hear these clever things little kids say. It totally cracks me up. Sorry you didn't get the help on the stamps. LOL

BTW, I didn't know you could organize Legos! So was he sorting them into sizes or something? I want to know how he figured that out!

Deidra said...

He put all the people in one bin, all the weapons in one bin, and all the rest in another big one!

Nic and Ashley Haws said...

I would LOVE to have a conversation with your son! I think I would get killer abs from laughing so hard!

The Haights said...

What a good boy!! Maybe when Zack's done organizing his legos.. he could help Jacob organize his legos. Sometimes I feel like organizing legos straight into the garbage or vacuum cleaner. ;)

I know the feeling of wanting to devour someone you love. For me, sometimes it's out of overwhelming love, and sometimes it's out of overwhelming anger. :)

The Haights said...

P.S. His room looks really cute! You should post more pictures of it so I can see it better! Yeah.. I only get good ideas from copying people.

Becca Jo said...

I've wanted to gobble up eli since I've known him. I think that zack must have really been feeling the love for you when he said that. You never said what you decided on the DS

Deidra said...

As far as the DS...well you just never know what Santa is going to do! I will post after Christmas!

Emily Trost said...

That is so cute! I love the airplane knobs on the dresser! I love reading all the funny things he says!

Tom said...

I was amazed that Dallin was way excited to help me with Christmas cards and did a great job with the stamps and return address labels. So maybe in two more years you will have an assistant. It was really nice! Hope you didn't really take a tranquilizer and that the stress is coming down! I am finally getting some big things crossed off my list. It is so nice. I hope you have a great Christmas if I don't get a chance to talk to you before. We are going to Richfield on the 27th. All my sisters will be in town. I am more excited about than Christmas Day! Miss you. Ang

Marinda said...

Hey stranger...I am so glad you put your blog address with your christmas card. I'll now be able to feel like we still see each other- kinda.
I think of you often, even more now that i'm back to work to try and get into the IHC's nursing program. Who knows maybe I'll end up back at the PCMC.
I'm glad to see your doing well, and I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

I'll be checking in soon...