Monday, January 12, 2009

Risking our lives for a little fun

A couple of weeks ago we decided to take Zack sledding to our local sledding hill. Uncle Jeff really wanted to go too so we invited him. We had a fancy new sled from Costco to try out, an old, round, plastic disc and Jeff's plastic toboggan. Let me just say that people are CRAZY! I sledded a little but mostly watched and time after time I saw people almost kill themselves or others. It was nuts! But, the boys had fun and we were all able to avoid injuries. And, it turns out the cheapest, most plastic sleds are the best. We took our fancy one back to Costco for a full refund!

Jeff and Zack zooming down the hill

Uncle Jeff and Zack with the lame Costco sled

The three boys all racing down the hill, Zack ended up backwards a lot


SalGal said...

Out here we have to drive to the snow (hallelujah!). I always volunteer to be the chaperone for the YW/YM snow day, and last year I decided that we as a family need to buy a snowmobile so we can take the youth sledding all winter long! (We have some mighty long and steep sledding hills at the sno parks here).

Marinda said...

I have that same sled from costco, and that same vacuum for that matter. :) you'll love it.
Anyway, I love seeing what Zach is up to. I forget that he is the same age as my Tyson. He seems so grown-up. Maybe its the fact that I still baby Ty. Maybe? What, should I not still be wiping his butt and cutting his hotdog into bite size pieces?
There's no way he'd be going down that hill.
Fun times.

LindseyFae* said...

Fun! I'm glad no one got hurt. We had a bad sledding experience last year. I thought it would be lame to go on the little hills at the close park, so I insisted we went to Flat Iron. Jesse and I argued about it for quite some time. Once we got there I got nervous cause no one else was there and it was icy. Jess was like.. no you wanted to come here. So down they go, and they are fLyIng. They hit a bump at the end and bentley flew like six feet off of Jesse's lap. So.. mother of the year strikes again?

Cambu said...

This looks like a blast! I think it's been five or more years since I've been sledding. I should give it another go. I'm glad nobody got hurt! ;)

The Haights said...

Sledding is scary! But no matter how hurt my kids get... they always want to go the next time.

LC said...

The Curtis family has a secret sledding hill that is pretty safe but still fun and not crowded. If you promise to keep it secret and safe we might show it to you. Maybe.

Alison Wilde said...

How fun!! Our boys would have loved this action. Too bad we can't find a hill nearby---and some snow! Thanks for your darling Christmas card, we loved it. Hugs to everyone.