Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Six Happy Years

It was Zack's birthday a couple of weeks ago and I thought I would post a photo montage of his life by year. (I REALLY wish I was a better photographer!)

We love him so much and are so blessed to have him. He is truly a miracle and we enjoy every minute with him!

Here are some of his favorites:

Color: blue
Animal: elephant
Sport: baseball
Food: mac n cheese
Drink: chocolate milk
Candy: fruit snacks
Toy: nintendo ds
Book: his homework books (that Mrs. Bailey sends home)
Movie: Star Wars
TV show: word girl
Store: Toys R Us
Vacation spot: California
Restaurant: Rock Creek Pizza

Just Born

One year old

Two years old

Three years old

Four years old

Five years old

Six years old


Tom said...

Great job! It was so fun to see pictures of Zack through the years. His one year old picture is my favorite! Looks like elephant got a snowboarding jacket! Jesi's pinkie dragon got a cape on her birthday. These are spoiled webkinz!

Valerie S said...

What a great idea to show us all his pictures thorugh the years. He's such a cute boy.

The Haights said...

He is SO cute. I love his baby picture. I just had a baby and it makes me baby hungry!! His one year old pic is so cute too. I love chubby cheeks.

Cambu said...

All his pictures are so cute! I can't believe he is already six. Where has the time gone?

Shannon said...

I'm glad that we have been able to see each of these stages in Zacks life. You can't ever move so we can see the rest. :)

Tash said...

wow it is cute to see the progression My favorites are newborn and two but those are always my favorite ages!!