Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Today I feel thankful. I worked a day shift yesterday and it seems like there is so much suffering and pain going on right now with people I know from work. (And the babies are a whole other story!)

I was talking with two friends of mine and we were discussing how when someone knows they are going to die soon, they want to spend time with loved ones, tell them how they are loved, complete things that they have always wanted to do, etc. I have really been thinking lately how we don't know when we are going to leave this life, but if we did, we would live those last days so differently. I know it's a cliche but we really should live each day like it could be our last. Especially when it comes to how we treat people, especially our loved ones. I am really going to try and keep that at the front of my mind.

I am so thankful to be healthy. I am so thankful for my "trials". They are so small compared to what they could be. I need to really focus on enjoying my life and everything I have. Good things are happening.

To my friends at work: you are in my prayers.


The Haights said...

I know exactly what you are saying. Sometimes when I am feeling sorry for myself, I have to make myself look around and then I realize I don't have it so bad.

I need to focus on the happy things in my life too and not just the negative. Thanks for the reminder.

Nic and Ashley Haws said...

I hope your friends at work are okay.

Isn't it amazing how "tailored" our trials are to US? I, too, am grateful for my trials. Although difficult, I have learned things that I really NEEDED to learn... the trials were for ME. Heavenly Father is so merciful and kind. It's wonderful that He is so willing to help us through these trials.

I truly hope your friends at work are okay. They will be in my prayers as well.

Shannon said...

I was dropping Logan off at daycare and a dad was dropping his child off at the same time. Only difference about this dad is he was in a wheelchair. He got around like a pro but as I was getting in my car I couldn't help but watch him in my rear view mirror hoist his body into his car and start to fold up his wheelchair. I was flooded with emotion of how lucky I am to have a working body and how lucky I am that my kids are healthy and strong. I intended to blog about that day because there were a few other encounters with people that just made really thankful for the things I have. I'm glad you expressed your feelings and I have to say Larry and I blessed to have such great friends like you and Steve.