Thursday, September 17, 2009

Driven to distraction

I think Zack has ADD.

Bummer huh?

When I think of his inablility to focus in terms of ADD instead of in terms of him just trying to agravate me, it makes me a lot more patient. I really don't think he can help it when I tell him to go get his shoes on we are leaving, and I find him inside Simpsons kennel snuggling his dog, no shoes in sight.

Also, it makes me really angry when adults and children alike yell at him to pay attention during a boring baseball game when he has been standing in the sun for 20 minutes while the other teams sucky coach tries to pitch balls 20 feet into the air and expects his little players to hit them and everyone expects Zack to be riveted to the "action" waiting for one of those balls to maybe come to him. *breathe* I would have been playing in the dirt too. Bor-Ring.

I just had to get that off my chest. I will be off to the library tomorrow to get some books on dealing with ADD. If you have a good one to recommend, let me know. I am sure there are plenty of people out there who have experience with this, it's not like it's uncommon or anything. :)


Becca Jo said...

I think both instances are normal. I bet you were going somewhere boring so he didn't really want to get his shoes on.

Good luck!

Jodi said...

Does he have an official diagnosis? Some people are worried about labeling their children. I'm the opposite, always thankful to be steered in the right direction, a diagnosis I can google, books I can read, networking with other families who are dealing with similar things. I think it makes us more patient with our children, able to celebrate their triumphs instead of continually being frustrated with their shortcomings.

Good on you . . . and Zack.

Shannon said...

I think I am to blame for some of your baseball frustrations. That game was ridiculous last night and after standing in the field waiting for the other team to finally hit one of the 20 balls pitched to them, I was ready to start playing in the dirt too. I need to relax more and let kids be kids. Unless their mine and then they better do what I say! :) Sorry if I added to your frustrations.

Deidra said...

Shannon! I was NOT talking about you! Sorry if I made it seem that way. I didn't hear you say anything to Zack.

Jodi, he doesn't have an official diagnosis. Just my diagnosis after living with him 24/7. It does help me be more patient thinking of it this way. Thanks for your thoughts.

Tom said...

Hi Deid, Yes Bummer about Zack but he was chosen to come to you for a reason. You are up for a challenge!! I hope you found some great resources. I am sure PCMC library would have some good books on the subject. But, you would know more about that than me. :) Hope you are having a beautiful fall. We are, I hope it lasts! Love, Angela

Tom said...

I forgot to tell you I LOVE your quote from Jane Austen, Mansfield Park! It is one I want to memorize! Have a great week. Ang

The Haights said...

Sorry I'm behind on reading blogs.. so my comment is probably lame by now... Of course I don't live with him, but let me tell you.. most of my kids, i have to tell them AT LEAST 4 times to do something before they will do it. AT LEAST! Sometimes I say it really fast 4 times in a row, just to get it over with. (gogetyourshoes,gogetyourshoes,gogetyourshoes.)

My 6 year old is HIGHLY dis-tractable. I bet that it might just be an age issue. In any case, good luck finding your answers. Rob has had a lot of nieces and nephews with ADD. Some did just fine un-medicated (although it did drive the mothers to the brink of madness) and some did need medication. Two of them have grown up and one is a nurse and the other one is getting a 4.0 in college and taking the MCAT. They are both spacey..but SUPER SMART!

He sure is cute! I love the picture with him in the cage!

Valerie S said...

I don't blame Zach for getting bored at a baseball game. And I'll tell you Mike used to LAY DOWN in outfield during the game because he got bored standing there waiting for the ball to come to him and it never did. (What 6 year old can hit the ball to outfield? Right?) Can Zach sit and watch a movie for a 1/2 hour or more? If he can then he's probably just going through an easily distracted stage. I like the picture of him in the dog kennel too. LOL

Oysterblogger said...

I think I have ADHD its pretty common... you should blog a about what you found out.