Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our baby is 8!

Zack turned 8 years old on January 30th. It is a party year (we do them every other year but I may have to change it to every 3!) so I researched a few options and he picked the exotic animal presentation. Since my house is too small to have 14 crazy kids AND exotic animals, I decided to have it at the church and it worked out really well.

I am so lucky to have my mom and sister to help me with this stuff! Thanks mom and auntie Ally! (It's a good thing Ally was there because it turns out that my mom and I have a balloon tying handicap!)

I came up with the idea to blow up about 150 balloons, two of which had a special paper inside that said "you win!" While the kids were waiting for the animal presentation they went into the room with the balloons and had to pop them all to find the ones with the prizes. It literally took about 1 minute and was sooooo loud! Then we made them clean it up!

We ordered 6 animals and I think it was perfect because it lasted a little over an hour and I don't think the kids could have sat still much longer. But it was really hard to choose which ones we wanted her to bring. Below is the giant snake (a python I think).

She let all the kids touch or pet each animal. The kids loved it! Here is the giant bunny, who is still not quite fully grown. He was very cute and I would love to have one as a pet, if we didn't have a dog.

The striped salamander could only be touched with wet hands. I passed on petting this one.

This is a giant Tegu lizard. He actually broke out of his box at the very beginning while she was introducing herself to us! He was very curious, I think he smelled cake.

This is a chinchilla, the softest animal I have ever felt! It was adorable and I would also have one of these for a pet. Maybe when the guinea pig goes to GP heaven. Zack got to feed it some raisins.

Lastly was the chameleon lizard. The picture doesn't do justice to the pretty turquoise color he had on.

I think the adults enjoyed the presentation just as much as the kids. It was really well done and I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to have a fun, interesting party. They are called Wild Things Science. (Zack with grandma Bernice.)

I have a friend who lives down the street and she does cakes. I wasn't up for making the cake this year so I called her and told her Zack wanted a Poke Mon cake and asked if she could even do that. She was like "no problem". I wasn't expecting too much because, well probably because my imagination is stunted. Anyway, I went to get the cake and this is what she comes out with: !!!!

She is amazing right?! Zack loved it and I was sad to cut into it, it just seemed wrong! There must have been like 6 cake mixes used to make it because it fed everyone and then there was a ton left over. Unfortunately it was delicious too and I pretty much ate most of it by myself due to the fact that Steve doesn't really love cakes.

All the kids were begging to eat the ears and tail so I gladly handed them over. Imagine their surprise when they bit into...Styrofoam! Yuck.
It was a fun party and Zack was happy and I am happy to have it over and done with! (I have a party throwing phobia you know so I must reallllly love my child to do these kinds of things!)

Love you Zacky! You're my best boy!


Alison Wilde said...

What a PARTY!! Tyson would absolutely LOVE a party like that!! Do you think they come to China? What a darling boy Zack is! And the cake.....can't even get over it--AMAZING!! You are a fab mom to throw such a great party!!

Cambu said...

What a fun party! I am seriously so impressed with your party throwing skills...and that cake! Amazing! If I ever have my own kids, I know who to call for brilliant ideas! :) is Roller Derby going? :)

Shannon said...

My boys are still talking about the party. It was a big hit with all the kids! The cake was awesome and I think you did a great job throwing this party!

Angela Maddock said...

You are such a great Mom! I haven't seen Zack in a very long time. He is sure looking grown up! What a fun party! Kids love animals and even better ones they can touch! It was also fun to see a picture of your Mom, Steve's Mom and Allison! Can't wait to hear more about your trip to China and your roller derby name!