Saturday, May 28, 2011

Things about Japan

-There is nowhere to sit, people are too busy and fast moving to sit.
-Tons of people wear masks to keep out germs but there is no soap in bathrooms and they drink from community cups.
See girl in mask at left?

See Steve drinking out of a community cup?

-People are very polite, except on the subway and trains where they push and walk into you.
This picture does not do justice to the crowded business of the subway stations.

-All the ladies wear high heels and walk all over town in them.
-The city is very clean but there are no garbage cans anywhere.
-Restaurants don’t have napkins; sometimes they have a tissue instead.
See the boxes of tissues behind my head?
-Some toilets make babbling brook sounds while you are going.
-It’s not polite to eat or drink while on the go, no one walks around with soda or drinks.
-Everyone owns an umbrella, the really long kind that you hook over your elbow.  It rains a lot.

-Most everyone is skinny.  Not many overweight people.  I think I saw 3 chubby people.
-Some Japanese girl told us to make sure and use our umbrella because the rain is radioactive.  I don’t think an umbrella is really going to help all that much if that is true.
-Sometimes the subway trains are so crowded you just have to push your way in and hope the doors don’t pinch your butt when they close.
I've seen worse.

So has Zack.
(He and Steve went on an early morning trip to see the fish market and they hit rush hour.)

Mom snagged a seat.  

-They have the best pastry shops I’ve ever eaten at (besides France).
Having a hard time choosing...

-There is only delicious food in Japan.

Hot pot.

Delicious burger thing with a rice bun. Sooo good.

Except this.  This was just rotten.

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The Nielsens said...

Seriously I have been reading your posts every day. I LOVE THEM! I am so glad you are having a good time and I am so excited for you to meet Daisy. I love all of your little details and have laughed so hard! By the way, THANK YOU for all that you donated to the yard sale! I can't believe how much Steve brought over. It will be great. Be safe out there! And by the way, you're not a clumsy fatty even thought the Japanese make you feel that way. Just come back to America where we're all fatties and you will be feeling much better.