Saturday, May 21, 2011

We're in Japan!

Zack's first ever plane ride!

The Plane

After a super long day of flying, which started at 6:30 am, we arrived in Japan yesterday (Saturday) at 2:30 pm.  (Can I just say that I envy people who fly first class?  We were like sardines in a plane!)  We took a train into Tokyo and then had to drag our luggage through the busiest subway stations, up and down stairs, and then down the streets of Tokyo to our hotel.  It's a good thing I do roller derby because my awesome skillz came in handy.  I just had to literally push through people because they do not move for you!  I did a couple of hip hits, took a whip from Steve and rolled my suitcase over some guys feet.  No problem. 

The Japan subway turned us into devils!

Our room.  The futons were surprisingly comfortable and the guesthouse was very clean.

We are at a cool hotel with futons on the floor.  Last night we found a Ramen shop and had Delicious ramen and gyoza.  We were going to go to a bath house but Zack was falling apart so we'll try and go tonight. We slept well and were all up at 5:30 this morning feeling much better!

The Kimi Ryokan - our guest house hotel while in Tokyo.

The Delicious Ramen shop we found.  The two cooks were very friendly.

Zack only asked to go home 4 times last night.  We'll see how he does today, having slept.

Robes and slippers were provided by the Kimi.  Zack's is a little big!

It's a good thing that Steve speaks Japanese or we would be completely lost here!  It's funny to see people's reactions when this tall white boy starts speaking their language to them, they are usually quite surprised.

We are having a great time and I will post when I can!

Zack was exhausted by the time we got on the train from the airport into Tokyo.

The bathroom area of our hotel with showers on either side.  The toilets were around the corner, as was a wooden bathtub.


Angela Maddock said...

You made it! Loved the post! Can't wait for pictures! I will keep checking back. Thinking about you and your family all the time!

Bex said...

I love that your derby skills came in handy in real life :) What an adventure to be on to start your other adventure!