Saturday, October 8, 2011

Signs that made us laugh

I have been going through all of our pictures from our adoption trip and in the next couple of weeks I will be adding them to the posts I did while we were there.

While we were in Japan and China, we ran across a lot of funny signs.  Some had been translated to make no sense and some were just plain funny.  We tried to take pictures of the best ones, here they are.

Typical garbage can in China, sometimes they even talk to you.  Glad to see they take recycling seriously, although I suspect they just separate it like this so that the people who dig through the garbage's with their tongs will have an easier time of finding what they want.  You would HATE to come across ORGANISM while looking for bottles to recycle!

In Japan they call a moving sidewalk a travelator!

China, at the Forbidden Palace.  We just thought it was funny that they used the word perilous instead of dangerous.

At the Zoo in Guangzhou.  In the cool panda exhibit there were these weird icy patches on the wall, apparently they are  very dangerous!


The "rules" at a park in Japan.


It seems that spitting on train conductors is common enough in Japan that they need a sign about it.

The staff at this museum in Japan didn't seem particularly grouchy...

We all know that Coke is not only refreshing but spiritual too! 

Who you calling a knockhead?!  (And why is he dressed in a bee costume?)

How do you rape a mushroom and how do you spend a spiced elbow?  And whose elbow is it anyway?

We did NOT eat at this restaurant, although Steve probably would have if we had asked.

Not all the stores in China are 'convenient'.

In China they charge for children based on height, not age.

Like I said, no one in China speaks English...even the 'professional' translators.

Found in a park amongst the foliage.  Sounds like a Haiku.

This was also the weirdest grass I have ever seen.  I'm not sure it was real.

They got one of the N's going the correct direction!

Seen in the panda exhibit at the zoo.  Anyone know what culms are?  And how do you cavil?

Silly groveling Panda!

Rotten tourists!

And boy did we feed that giraffe with joy!

I have a special request NOT to be there when mosquito medicament is SPURTED!  Yikes! 


Tiffany said...

I am TOTALLY, for real, laughing out loud!! Those are hilarious. Thanks for the happy thoughts Deidra!

Samantha said...

Love those signs....They totally validate everything that you wrote in your blog about China. I was laughing out loud....

S U J A Y S said...

hahahhahahahaaaaaaa. interesting. keepup updating. good collection