Sunday, January 22, 2012

Zack says...

On Saturday Dec 2nd, we were all a little stir crazy and Daisy needed to get to bed early so I told Steve I was taking Zack on a date.  We have talked about how we need to spend more one on one time with him but we always feel guilty leaving the other spouse at home. 

I told Zack to get ready we were going on a date.  He asked what we were doing and I said it was a surprise because I really didn't have a plan and figured we could look at some Christmas lights and do a little shopping.  He seemed excited.

When Zack went to get in the car, I told him to sit up front with me.  (Don't leave me any comments about how it's unsafe, the airbag turns off automatically if a certain weight is in the seat and I know he is safer in the back seat but this was a once in a blue-moon-thing.)  Zack was excited and said "Well that's how it should be on a date!"

I asked him what we should do and he didn't know so I asked him if we should go to a movie.  He said no because that would be wasting all our time and it was getting late.  Ha!  So I told him we would go see some Christmas lights. 

We drove over to my brothers neighborhood where there is a house with about 50 huge blow-up Christmas decorations all over the house, yard and in the trees.  It's so hideous it's cool!  We sat in front of the house and commented on all the decor for quite a while. 

Next I decided we would go to the house in Murray that has all the lights all over it and you tune your radio to a station that plays music which is synchronized with the light show.  It's really cute and we usually go every year.  It was quite a hit and Zack and I enjoyed the show. 

Next we were off to Christmas Street in the Harvard Yale area.  Boo.  It has gotten quite lame over the years and we were not that impressed.  But we had fun talking while we drove all over the city. 

On the way home we stopped to get ice cream at the Sub Zero shop.  They make your ice cream from scratch right before your eyes.  You pick a flavor and add-ins, they put those with cream and sugar in a metal bowl and then they shoot liquid nitrogen into the bowl and freeze it up soft, medium or hard.  You pick.  We loved watching it freeze and our creations were delish.  Zack ordered egg nog flavor with butterscotch syrup and recess pieces.  It was actually pretty good. 

On Sunday morning we were walking into church and Zack turned to me and said "I had a really fun time on our date last night."  Success!  What a cute boy, I love him to pieces!

Zack had a fun Christmas I think.  He got a Halo figure toy from Santa along with a portable speaker for his I-pod.  He also got some video games and the family got some games to share.  He was also happy to see that mom and dad were given an I-pad by Santa and he now begs to play on it and buy games all the time, much to mom's annoyance since it is her toy.  From mom and dad he got several nerf guns and nerf accessories, and some books.

Every year Zacks school has a spelling bee fundraiser.  There are 50 words and we get our family to pleadge an amount for every word he gets correct.  This is the 3rd year (out of 3) that he has gotten all 50 correct!  He works hard to memorize them and has a great mind for it!

Zack recently earned his Wolf badge in scouts.  We have some great leaders and Steve has done a good job helping him get all of his requirements done.

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