Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Love Summer!

We are having a great summer! For the past few years we have bought a summer pass to our local fun center. It is a little ghetto, but after working hard in the sun on a Saturday, we love to go to the water slide for the other half of the day. Zack is now big enough to ride by himself and tall enough to reach in the exit pool. They have just a few water slides, a kiddie pool and a huge blow-up slide. Steve and I have just as much fun as Zack going down the slides. So, if you are bored on a Saturday afternoon, head on over, we'll be there! Next week, we just might stay and go roller skating afterwards! (Sorry no pics, I forgot my camera.)

We are also planning a trip to Canada and Glacier National Park in August for one week. Steve's family is up in Canada on the farm and it is usually so relaxing and cooler there. We found out Zack is too little for the river run and horseback riding in Glacier but there should still be lot's of fun stuff to do there. We will be taking our bear spray! I will have a report with pictures when we get back. We always like to have a trip planned in the near future, the thoughts of an upcoming vacation keep us going when we get bored with the daily grind.

Also on the itinerary is Lagoon Day. If any one wants to join us just give a holler, the more the merrier! I have to work the night before so I may be a bit zombie-ish but I think it will be fun!

I keep thinking how Zack will be going to Kindergarten this fall and how we need to get in a bunch of fun stuff before this happens. I am kind of sad to think in another year he will be gone all day. I am thankful we don't have full day kindergarten here, I am not quite ready for him to be gone all day. He is such a good boy and entertains himself so well, like this pic of him just chillin to some music in his room. I hope everyone has a great summer!

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Shannon said...

You guys are always doing fun things. I admire that you guys are hard workers but you also know how to have fun! One of these days we will make down to the Classic Fun Center.