Friday, July 25, 2008

Pool Time

We love going to the pool and Auntie Ali has one at her new town home so we go when ever she invites us. On the 24th of July, Steve had to work so we were on our own for the holiday and went swimming with Ali. Zack is a little fish! He is quite a good swimmer and this summer I banned him from wearing his life vest because he was becoming too reliant on it and not really learning how to swim with out it. I was a little worried the first time we went swimming, but now he does great, swimming underwater and venturing into the deep end a little. He is taking swimming lessons again which also helps. I don't want summer to end!


Shannon said...

Ahhh, spending time in a relaxing and enjoyable. I think that's a good picture of you and Zack!

Trisha said...

I too love summer and spend a lot of time at my pool.
Cute swimsuit!
I don't know that I am brave enough to post pictures of me in swimwear. Ü