Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ah, Sunday Mornings.

I don't know about you but Sunday mornings at our house can be a BIT, grumpy. This morning as I was in my room getting ready for church I overheard Zack and Steve getting ready in the room next to mine and what I heard made me laugh.

Zack: Don't do that you MORON. (very mater of factly)
Steve: Shocked silence. Then: That is not a nice word! Don't ever say that to me again! Who taught you that?
Zack: No one. (sadly)
Then Zack came in my room with a sad, pouty face. At which time I hugged him. (He didn't call ME a moron!)

I am pretty sure he heard that somewhere and was just trying it on for size, obviously not knowing the insult he was slinging at his dear father. I am also sure that had he said that to me, me being the most patient parent in the entire world, that I would have gently asked him to not use that word and explained that it wasn't a nice thing to say and then I would have hugged him. But... then again it WAS Sunday morning.


The Haights said...

Ahhhh.. the things they learn at school. You should ask my brother about the word he learned his first day of kindergarten.

Kris said...

I laugh so hard at your blog. You write the funniest entries! Poor little Zac going to school. I love your Sunday mornings! I always have this picture in my head of a calm happy Sunday morning at our house and no matter what it is mass confusion and an uproar to get out the door at a time even close to the time we are suppose to be a church. It is good to hear someone elses Sunday isn't "perfect" either.

LindseyFae* said...

I love your stories about Zac! Too relatable. That's how I talk to everyone on Sunday morning.. just kidding?

Shannon said...

Zack is such a crack up. What is even funnier is I can totally picture Steve standing there in stunned silence. Sunday mornings just honestly suck. I know that is probably bad to say but really, they just do!