Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Yesterday Zack and Steve were riding in the car with the radio on. The announcer mentioned that a teacher had been arrested for having S-E-X with an underage student. Steve silently wondered if Zack had heard it. Seconds later:

Z: Daddy do you have sex with mommy?
S: Uhhhh.... (weakly) what? (stuttering) What is that? Do you know what that is?
Z: Yes, it's when you love each other
S: Oh yeah, right

End of conversation. Where does he get this stuff? They pick up so much more than we think! This reminded me of the other day when we were in the grocery store and he kept asking me what G-A-Y was. I ignored him but any experienced parent should know that the more you ignore your children the louder they get so he ended up shouting over and over again "What does gay mean?" as we practically ran out of the store. I ended up shoving some candy at him to get his mind off the question. I am just not ready for these conversations yet! I really thought I had a few years.


SalGal said...

Our boys asked this question earlier this year, and it brought to mind something I'd heard before: Don't give them TMI, only what they're asking!

So we said, "Well, where did you hear that? How did they say it?"

They told us that someone had said that the slides on our apartment complex's playground are "so gay!".

WHEW! We dodged a bullet! So we explained that sometimes words have more than one meaning, and what that person meant was that they thought the slides were lame. Someday, when they're ready, they can know what the other meaning of that word was, but they're good for now.

And they were totally fine with that.

The Haights said...

I would totally be a deer in the headlights. My kids NEVER ask questions. I wonder what they know. I think that it's good he's willing to ask you!

Crystal Roach said...

Barak asked some explicit things when he was four years old. Some kids outside were talking crudely. I knew that I had to be open and honest early. I wouldnt want anyone else explaining things to them. My 6 year old has never asked anything but the older two definately know what's what. Last year the subject came up among 4th grade boys at school and Barak was tight lipped but confident. He told them they had better talk to their parents about that. Of course, I got several phone calls but I was proud of my son. Stay calm, emphasise respect, and its not as scary as it seems. John's version is longer and seated in the plan of salvation. Nice.

Shannon said...

Seriously, where does he get this stuff? I guess Steve better monitor Zach's t.v. watching a little more closely (wink,wink)