Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A great birthday and holdiay!

We had a great Labor Day weekend. It was my birthday on Sunday so after church we went to my parents house for a dinner of flank steak, corn, beans and salad. For desert it was my favorite: Mango delight (mango's on top on Thai sticky rice covered in sweetened coconut milk)! So good! I received a massage gift cert, pedicure gift cert, music, books, a pedicure kit and a white temple skirt. I am spoiled! We played cards and visited too. On Monday, we met for breakfast at Johanna's kitchen and then we were off to do some bowling. The nice new bowling alley was too busy so we went to the ghetto one, and got right in. At one point the roof was leaking into our lane, the computer kept messing up our scores, smoke was drifting out of the bar, and the flooring on the lane was warped so our balls wouldn't go quite where we thought they would. Still, we had a good time and got a little competitive. I pretty much lost both games! Despite the fact that I have my own ball (so what if it says "Sharon"?) and Sponge Bob bowling bag, I am just not that great a bowler! After that, home for some lunch and then we split up to go to different movies. Our little family saw the Narnia movie in a 1000 degree theater. I think Zack enjoyed it.

I am so grateful for our wonderful families! We so enjoy spending time with them and always have a fun time! It's really nice to be so close to them, in distance and in our relationships.

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