Sunday, November 9, 2008

A great experience

On Saturday night Steve and I went with my parents and my sister Ally and her husband Mike to the Body Worlds exhibit. It was amazing! We really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone, it was well worth the ticket price. The human body is so incredible, I got a little choked up when we walked in and saw the first body (I can't explain why, I just am so amazed at what God created). I cannot believe what they can do with this plastination! My favorite room was the baby room, for once I was able to show my family how small some of my patients at work have been. If you do decide to go, try to go on a weekday, it was really busy and even though we had tickets for 4:30, we still had to wait in line for an hour to get in. Click here for a video of what you will see. FYI, the website said to plan on 90 minutes to get through the exhibit, but we were there until almost 8:00pm (with 4:30 tickets) so plan for more time. Also, Zack really wanted to go but I am glad we did not take him, it was too long and he would have gotten bored after a while and I wouldn't have been able to concentrate on everything as well.

Afterward we met some more of my siblings for dinner at the Himalayan Kitchen. We love going there for Indian and Nepalese food. If you like that kind of food, I recommend it, and try the Mo Mo's and the chow chow. Yum!


Becca Jo said...

I will have to copy this date! When we get back to Utah I want to go to body worlds with Stewart and I love indian food. I'm jealous you get to hang out with Mike and Ally!

Shannon said...

Dresden has always had a fascination with the body and how things work so we decided to take him to it. Bad idea. He liked it but didn't want to spend much time there. Larry and I would have loved to read up on every exhibit but we were unable to. I agree, this is a must see!