Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Funny Things From Zack

Whenever Zack says funny things, I jot them down on a post-it note and then when I have a few I post them.  Here is the latest from our goof-ball. 

Z:  (Urgently)  I need you to do something for you're my humble servant.


Z:  For Christmas, could you give me an i-pod?  Or maybe a phone?


Our family was driving down the street and we passed a tattoo shop. Then.....

Z:  I wish I could be a "dude" kid and then I would have a skull tattoo.
S:  What's a "dude"?
Z:  You don't know? (incredulous)
S:  Someone like me?
Z:  Hysterical laughing for 30 seconds then....No!

While we were at the Tower of Terror (see below) Zack came across some leather wrist bands (like a bracelet, wide leather with snaps, you know?)  He wanted to buy them for $8 each and said they were what "dudes" wear.  Where did he come up with this concept of DUDES?

Our little "Dude" getting ready to go "hunting" with daddy


SalGal said...

One time my youngest and I were driving to school and he said to me "Mom, wemember dat time when I jumped down fwom Kingdom Come and came to our famuhwee? That was fun, huh?"

Becca Jo said...

Eli asked for an ipod too! We walked into the Apple store and he asked if we would buy him one. That's a good idea about the post-it notes! I always forget the funny things ELi says.