Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My most embarrassing moment, EVVVVERRRR!

This evening I went to a Foster Care forum/meeting at our adoption agency. Steve was volunteering at the Draper Temple open house so I took Zack and his Nintendo DS with me.

We were a little late so we took the only vacant spot on the second row, as far from the door as you could get. I settled Zack on my lap, he inserted his headphones into his ears and commenced playing. We were given a presentation from 3 couples in front and then were asked if we had any questions. The room was deadly silent as people formulated questions in their minds.

Suddenly, Zack tensed his body. Before I could react: tooooooot! The sound echoed off my legs and around the room. I slowly bent to his deaf ear and hissed "no, no, no!" His reaction? He loudly said: "I had to mom, I had to!"

As this exchange was happening I became aware of the seriously AWFUL smell that resulted from his undisciplined behind. Not only was it awful, it was loooong lasting. My face was most definitely as red as it can get and I was suddenly roasting hot.

Luckily, no one laughed or gasped in horror. The room continued in silence. I am not sure how. If I had been someone else in the room, I am sure I would have laughed, at least quietly.

I scurried out as soon as the meeting was over. I don't remember the last time I was that embarrassed.

During the car ride home Zack got a lecture on how just because you can't hear what's going on (because you are wearing earphones), doesn't mean everyone else can't hear either. When I demonstrated how loud it had been he was hysterical with laughter.

We will now commence training on how to hold things in.


The Haights said...

So I guess that the DS is a shoppers best friend, but not a quiet meeting's best friend. :) Hopefully you didn't know anyone at the meeting and you'll never see them again in your life.

SalGal said...

Oh Deidra, I hate to be the one to tell you but it is biologically impossible for boys to hold that in! It's coming out one end or the other. Best to teach them the "silent but violent" method! ;)

Valerie S said...

Your story is so funny! Sorry Deidra but most men's/boy's philosophy is "better out than in." It should be Zach's most embarassing story but of course he was not embarrased. He's all boy alright! LOL

Emily Trost said...

That's hilarious! I bet it wasn't as smelly and long as you thought but it just seemed that way cuz of your embarassment!

LindseyFae* said...

That is so funny! If it makes you feel any better, Bentley's first trip in the temple, she let a loud one.. in the celestial room. It was awesome.

Myranda, Shaun and Anna said...

So funny, your posts always make me laugh. Good story now that it's over and you won't ever see any of those people again.

Emily Trost said...

I don't know where our ward list is so I don't have your # but I wanted to let you know that we are having some people over from the ward tonight for games and we want you to come if you don't already have plans. It's a pajama party so wear your pj's and bring your favorite midnight snack! Hope to see you there! People are coming around 6.

Amy said...

Hey, at least it was Zack and not you! Take comfort in the knowledge that everyone there has had something embarrassing happen to them...I got a few stories for ya that will make you feel soooo much better!