Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Gone

I am sad to report....

The beloved Nintendo DS is gone.

The house is turned upside down.

All frequented stores have been called.

Friends and family have been asked to look around.


The sad thing is....

Zack couldn't care less.

Shopping trips will never be the same. Sniff.


Samantha said...

I got your message yesterday and I am sad to report that we do not have Zack's DS. Maybe it will show up soon. Good luck.

Shannon said...

Dresden's DS was gone for a couple weeks. We looked everywhere and couldn't find it. Then, one gloomy Sunday morning I put my wool coat on that I rarely ever wear and there in the pocket was Dresden's DS. I honestly don't recall the last time I wore that coat before then and I haven't worn it since but somehow the DS mysteriously ended up in the pocket. Good luck! I hope you find your shopping nanny...I mean DS.

Becca Jo said...

I think that you'll find it too. It's in some obscure place and when you find it you'll be SO happy.

Good luck.

The Haights said...

That's too bad that it's gone! I am a little OCD when things are lost. I CAN'T STOP LOOKING! It's a good think that Zack doesn't care.