Sunday, July 12, 2009

Zack Says...

Mom: You're such a good boy Zack!
Zack: Oh no! I'm better than just that!

Zack saying his prayers: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this grateful day.

The other day I noticed that Zack had scribbled pen all over the white banister. I calmly told him that he would have to wash it off and gave him the miraculous Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. He was seriously not happy that he was being made to do this tedious chore. (The pen was ALL over our really long banister.) He whined and cried. Then he said in a really disgusted voice: "This isn't MAGIC, it's just a stupid SPONGE!"

Zack was playing with my brothers dog Tucker tonight at my mom's house. He came inside and I asked him why he wasn't playing with him anymore and he said: "Because Tucker's a shrewd dog!" (I think he thought that meant extra RUDE!)

Steve: Zack, for the 10th time, come and do your job!
Zack: (Very calmly) Dad, I would but I'm addicted to the TV.

The other day we were having a really loud thunder storm. Simpson is SUPER scared of thunder and we found him hiding in Zack's closet. We couldn't stop laughing until Zack touched him and noticed he was trembling so hard! Then we felt kinda sad for him. Zack gave him lots of love to make him feel better.


Shannon said...

Zack is such a clever boy. I just love the things he says.

The Haights said...

He is so funny! Except I don't know how you were calm about the banister! You are a better woman than I.

That's a great picture with Simpson in the closet and Zack sitting with him. What a sweetie!!

Deidra said...

Well, you haven't seen our piece of crap bannister! It was the principle of the matter that made me want him to clean it up.

Amy said...

Once again, Zack hits them out of the park...what an awesome little genius!!