Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another California Adventure

We took our annual California trip in June and had a great time. We didn't plan anything too big or busy, just a lot of beach days and a day at Lego Land. I was also able to spend a few hours at my favorite shopping venue: the Orange County Market. I could spend all day there but Steve and Zack vetoed that idea. Some friends of ours happened to be vacationing there at the same time so they joined us at Lego Land and then spent a day at the beach with us. It was fun for us to hang out with them and Zack enjoyed having some kids around.

Also of note, we drove the whole way to California on 2 bald tires but were blessed not to get a flat until we were slowly driving down the coast highway! 2 hours and 2 brand new tires later we were on our way to the beach! The tire store gave us free passes to a water park which was crowded but fun.

Steve's brother, Uncle Shaun was in Brazil the whole time so we had his great house all to ourselves but we missed seeing him. His bird Skylar was NOT happy to have us there and whenever she was let out of her cage she started stalking us in preparation to kill us all. She especially hates me!

Lastly, we have to remember next time we take Zack on extended vacation: he must take a laxative every day! This happens every year and this year it culminated in a very traumatic enema. Enough said.

I forgot the camera so we only have some bad disposable camera pics and our friends sent us some nice pictures that they took.

He can't get enough of the ocean!

Or the sand!

Steve's a good sport!

Muscle man!

We ate with our friends at Ruby's on the pier. Hamburgers, fries, vanilla coke and malts. Does it get any better than vacation diets?

This was our first time at Lego Land. It was geared toward really little kids so I think this is the last year that Zack would really enjoy it, he is getting into the scary rides now. But he still really enjoyed it because he is crazy about Lego's.

This was the craziest ride in the park.

Steve's ride was 2 levels crazier than ours!

Our family won 1st place in the race to put out the fire!

This driving coarse was hilarious! The kids had no clue about staying on the right side of the road and yielding to others, etc.


Valerie S said...

I'm so sad that Zack is getting to old for Lego Land! To me all boys should love Lego Land forever. You guys have gone on some fun trips this year!

LindseyFae* said...

Fun trip! I wish I was on a vacation diet all year long. I'm glad Zack liked Lego Land. I love the picture of him on the beach.

We were in Bluff over the 4th! We ran the river and got FRIED. And Jesse's hairy friend wore a speedo so things got out of control real fast..

Amy said...

My goodness, you have been a busy blogger! Thank you especially for all the California pictures....I am going home in a couple of weeks for a visit and I am so excited! Your pictures got me all geared up! So glad to see you enjoying a wonderful summer!

LC said...

The second picture down of Zach in the surf isn't a good picture - its an exceptional picture!

I may go buy a disposable camera. Great, great shot.

Tom said...

I loved the picture of Zack flexing on the beach. What a great picture! It made me really want to get my kids to the ocean soon. They would all love it.

Cambu said...

I went on that crazy ride in Legoland at the level Steve rode it...I had a HUGE headache afterwards but it was hilarious! Looks like you had a great time!!

Shannon said...

You have been a busy blogger. It would have been fun to meet up with you guys somewhere along the way but it sounds like you had plenty of fun. How nice it must have been to have Shaun's house to yourselves...other than the psycho bird. I think we need to go camping with you guys sometime soon!....Maybe camping at Lagoon???