Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm not ready!

Everyone keeps saying how ready they are for school to start. Not me! I am dreading summer being over. I LOVE summer!

I think I am also freaking out a little because Zack is going to be at school full time now. Not that I can't keep myself entertained but... it's just a new and different phase in our lives and I hate that he is growing up so fast.

Two more weeks to fit in all the fun stuff I can, all while trying to work and remodel the bathroom. Ugh!

We just got back from a totally fabulous trip to Lake Powell. Our friends have a houseboat and a ski boat and they are very generous to invite us down with them and their family. I didn't get very many pictures but here are a few we took.

Zack can't get enough of tubing and he always wanted a CRAZY ride! He is a total daredevil.

He also really loved the slide on the houseboat.

I can't believe I am posting this picture!

The kids loved fishing off the boat and actually caught some fish. Not my Zack though, he has my fishing handicap.

Most of the people who were on the trip. (Yes all the other moms were totally hot. I'm going on a diet.)

Steve tubing. They just kept crashing! I like a nice easy ride.


Shannon said...

What a fun time! I haven't gotten myself excited for our October trip but this definitely helps. I guess I'll start dieting, too. I'm also wondering how my boys will like tubing. I think they will be a little frightened by it.

LindseyFae* said...

Jealouss. I remember from when we went tubing that you DO like a nice easy ride.. I still laugh thinking about the Provo Canyon trip, too. Good thing you didn't come this year.. it was a near death for everyone.

Jodi said...

Looks like a fantastic time!

You'll cry the first day you send Zack to full day school and then you'll dry your tears and realize how awesome it is and how much you can get done in those precious hours!

The Haights said...

I'm also dreading the first day of school this year. But mostly because I'm (re)starting my diet on that day. :(

Shannon said...

I showed Dresden the video and he was laughing so hard and wanted to watch it over and over. He even paused it to see you guys upside down and laughed even harder. He is totally on board for a crazy tube ride. So much for being worried.

Oysterblogger said...

ok at least I am not the only one who feels that way all the other moms are hot and then theres me looking more and more like my mom ahhhhhh! Everyone in my neighborhod is a yoga teacher.