Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What we accomplished/learned this summer

In an earlier post I listed our summer goals/plans. Zack accomplished all of his and then some. I accomplished all but three. Oh well, there's always next summer, right? I didn't list any for Steve but his were to remodel the bathroom and finish our backyard deck and go to Lake Powell. He is close to being done with both his projects and because we didn't get a baby, he was able to go to Lake Powell too. I will post pictures in a later post, when his projects are done.

Zack also acquired a very valuable life skill this summer.


Yes, he now does his own laundry. One morning I walked into his room to see how he was coming along, putting his clean laundry away. I caught him throw a huge pile of clean PJ's into the dirty hamper.

Something snapped inside me.

That was the day he was introduced to Mr. Washer and Mrs. Dryer. They are now fast friends.

I too learned something about laundry this summer. It is this:

If you put 2 tampons in your pants pocket and don't use them, then you throw said pants into the washer, when the wash cycle is done, you have a fuzzy mess. Then, if you ignore said mess and put it into the dryer, when that cycle is done, you have a strange, somewhat permanent stench cooked into your clothes. The smell reminds me of fish. It makes me gag.

I also learned that you must clean out the remaining tampon particulate from the seams of the pocket where they were left, because simply washing those same clothes over and over (at least 5 times), yields the same fishy smell. Then you must soak the clothes in an odor remover (the kind you use to get rid of dog-pee smell in your carpet) and then you must wash them again, without ANY tampon particulate (because you used a lint roller to remove any trace of it). Then you must wash them again.

Then I learned that buying new scrubs for work is OK, because it is better than smelling like fish all night. I hope you never have to learn this lesson like I did.

What did Steve learn this summer? When the guy at the tire store tells your wife that the car needs new tires before you drive 1000 miles to California...you should listen.


Cambu said...

Can Zack come do my laundry too?

The Haights said...

Deidra! I am laughing so hard at the tampon story! I bet you were SO DONE with laundry after that.

Jodi said...

Eew. Lesson learned. I will ALWAYS check my pockets for unused feminine products before every wash load!

Valerie S said...

This post was hilarioous. I can't even tell you all the stuff I've washed by not checking pockets like cell phones, pocket knives (they will chip up your dryer), kleenex, pens (they will leak all over everything when they go through the dryer if you don't find them in time, money (I keep whatever I find)...you get the picture. I like the story of Zach learning what it takes to do laundry. YOu are a very smart mom.