Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our New Bathroom - unveiled

We remodeled our main bathroom last year and I am just getting around to posting pictures. Steve did all the work, demolishment, tile, re-textured the walls, paint, etc. Then we had a friend who custom built the cabinets. I think it turned out really well and I LOVE all the storage!
(1970's dark cabinets, golden counter, ugly wallpaper, linoleum floor, with NO storage and a long counter running the length of the room)

After: Updated for the year 2010! It might be my favorite room in the house.


Amy said...

LOVE it (I am so in love with the color)...looks incredible!

Angela Maddock said...

Wow!! It is beautiful! Way to go Steve! I love the paint color!

Leanne Dyson said...

The new color scheme is definitely an improvement! The colors you chose are contemporary, and the understated shade it’s in is very calm and relaxing. That new counter-top is gorgeous as well. Great job with your bathroom!