Monday, October 25, 2010

Zack Says...

Z: Mom, do you know one thing I am never going to do?
Mom: What's that?


Zack got home from school one day and he was having a snack and I was eating my breakfast (having just awoken from sleeping after my night shift.) I poured some cereal into a bowl and then poured what I thought was milk onto the cereal. Oops, I actually poured orange juice! I exclaimed loudly and lamented my lack of paying attention and went and poured it into the sink. Zack started laughing hysterically and said: "This is the best day of my life!" I was confused and asked why it was the best day? He replied: "Because this is the first time I have ever seen you make a mistake!" It really made me think how I would have reacted if the tables had been turned and also how I need to make absolutely sure that he sees me make mistakes more often. It was a really good lesson.


I probably shouldn't share this one but....

Eating dinner at McDonalds:

Z: Mom, you have a mustache! (Loud enough for everyone to hear. I think Steve almost choked on a nugget.)

Mom: speechless and mortified.

(Don't worry, I paid someone handsomely to smear really hot wax on my face and rip it out the next day. He will not be given the chance to say that again.)


Zack's school had their yearly spell-a-thon fundraiser. He asked some family members to pledge an amount per word that he got right. I pledged $1 per word. He was given a list of 25 2nd grade words and 25 3rd grade words. We practiced them for 3 weeks. The night before the test I gave him a pre-test and he got 6 wrong. The same 6 he had been getting wrong from the beginning. I told him not to worry, he would do great but I feared 100% would not be attained this year. He came home after the test and proudly announced that he got all 50 words correct! We are so proud of him and his diligent studying. What a smartie! He raised $100 total for his school.


Zack played flag football this year for the first time. I have to say it was my favorite sport so far. Just the right amount of action for Zack to stay interested but not be overstimulated. He was quite the little player and got more than a couple of touchdowns. It was awesome! I guess I am going to have to figure out the game if he's going to be playing it again.

He has also been taking golf lessons at school. Hopefully he and Steve can hit the "links" together soon! (Is that the right word?)


Zack discovers shower caps!

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Shannon said...

I love the things Zack comes up with! He is the king of one liners! Logan has been wanting to play flag football and I have been pretty hesitant. After hearing about Zack's enjoyment of flag football I'll have to reconsider for Logans sake.