Friday, October 30, 2009


This morning for breakfast Zack had:

2 bags of Skittles
2 boxes of Nerds
1 Kit Kat
1 Hershey's bar
1 small Tootsie roll
1 large Tootsie roll

He was smart enough to throw the wrappers in the garbage outside.

I'm smart enough to look in garbage's.

He doesn't usually smell so sweet in the morning!

Ah, Halloween!


Oysterblogger said...

all I can say is schweet! lol the things they do

LindseyFae* said...

My kids are currently eating m&ms and reeses. And what makes it more sad is, my piece of mind comes from the fact that I made sure they had a piece of white bread first..

Susan told me she just let her girls get it all out the night of.. eat what they wanted til they were sick and then you're done.. that might be the way I go next year.