Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

This year Zack got to dress up three times. He wanted to be a scary skeleton and we found this inexpensive "gatekeeper" costume at a not-to-be-mentioned-mart. I had a lot less stress this year not having to come up with a creative homemade costume. The costume came with a scary skeleton mask with horns on it. Since no masks are allowed and the mask would have only fit a small baby, I decided to cut it up and made the coolest helmet ever. I mean, what kind of gatekeeper would guard a gate with out head protection, right? I stayed up late the night before the school parade trying to get the horns to stick to the plastic helmet and finally found some glue that sort of worked. I held the horns in place for over an hour to keep them stuck.

The next morning I proudly presented it to Zack, sure that he would be beyond grateful.

Nope. He hated it! Wouldn't wear it.

Apparently it is quite unbelievable for horns to be coming out of a helmet, despite my protests that gatekeepers can buy helmets with holes cut for their devilish horns.

I did manage to get one picture of him wearing it before he tore it off and ran into the church party.

Note the essential key in his hand. Steve did his face for this event and Zack liked it the best. The third day in a row of putting on his make-up, he started screaming and crying because it was burning his skin. He made me keep going and he sucked it up because he had to have the full effect for his costume. He has a bit of a rash now, what can I say, he got my sensitive skin.

At the school parade, sans helmet. I am the room mother this year for Zack's class. I was all stressed about it when they asked me to do it but it turns out the other 1st grade teacher (not Zack's teacher) doesn't like parties. I am off the hook. All I had to do was get some moms to go help in the classroom the day before for some Halloween themed learning. But no festivities other than the parade the next day. I'm not sure how to feel about this.

Zack only has 5 cousins, and 4 of them are adults. This is his 12 year old cousin K and they are surprisingly close. They were very excited to go trick-or-treating together in Auntie L's neighborhood. They got some full size candy bars, which doesn't happen in our neighborhood.

Steve's family from right to left: Auntie L, Steve, Grandma, Niece B, Niece C and B's husband S.


Shannon said...

Poor Zack and his sensitive skin. The makeup job is pretty awesome though. I can see why he wouldn't want to be Malfoy...the costume he wore is the whole essence of Halloween, SCARY!

Tash said...

hey you are a blogging machine lately ha ha I love Zachs costume!! Way cool. Yeah I was like that about dressing up and wearing silly stuff when I was little I hated halloween...except the candy. Now I like it cuz my kids do!