Friday, November 20, 2009

What anniversary?

For the past few months our Relief Society presidency has been trying to plan a board meeting and it has been rescheduled at least once. Finally we settled on a date of Wednesday, November 18th to take place at our Presidents house. She called me last Friday to ask if we could change it to my house because she has to vacate her house sooner than she thought (she recently sold her house and is moving away, sniff). I agreed to be the host in 4 1/2 days despite the fact that I was going to be working almost non-stop up until then, and hosting parties gives me panic attacks.

Two days before the meeting I was saying something about it to Steve and he says, "you know that's our anniversary, right?"


Yeah, I forgot my own 9th wedding anniversary. Ooops.

How could I forget to celebrate the day I married the best guy on earth? Yes, I said the best! Let me tell you why:
He cooks
He cleans
He gardens
He organizes
He builds
He remodels
He fixes
He works HARD
He plays hard
He is intelligent
He is funny
He is loving
He doesn't yell when I spend money
He takes me on dates
He is a great dad
He doesn't like to fight

and last...
He picked ME!

I love you Stevie! I hope you can put up with me for eternity!


E diggity M to the I to the L to the Y said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope we make it to 9 years! j/k :) Now I feel even worse that I missed the dinner!

SalGal said...

No worries, Weed! It's only a big deal if the anniversary/birthday ends in a "0" or "5". Now if it was one of those anniversaries... I'd consider checking the price of a man cave for your honey! ;)

The Haights said...

Congratulations on your 9 year anniversary!

Shannon said...

Happy Anniversary Steve & Deid! You two are great for each other and I think you both are lucky to have each other.

Cambu said...

Oh my gosh! I just read this post today and your anniverary was a month ago? Such a slacker! Congrats to you both. I am curious though...did you host the meeting or go out to celebrate? :) I hope to see you on Christmas!