Saturday, February 6, 2010

Zack says...

I have lost the blogging zest lately but I had a small collection of things Zack has said lately so I thought I would post them.

Z: Dad, you know my black hoodie?
Dad: Yes?
Z: Emma said she was attracted to it.

Mom: Zack have you washed your hair? (I have to remind him of every step in the shower or he just comes out wet, not clean and wet.)
Z: (yelling) I hate that new shampoo! It stinks! It smells like daddy when he's been working!

Steve went out of town on business for one night. Zack was quite upset that he was gone and cried that he would miss him. Then at bedtime I tucked him in and he started crying again and said "he didn't leave me anything to remember him by!" So I asked if he would like to sleep with his dads pillow and he quite happily went to sleep after that.

Zack struggles with things that are hard. He would rather not try to do something if it's at all difficult. We have been working on this and it is very frustrating for both of us. One day he was crying and said "why does life have to be so hard?" Good question buddy.

Zack is always telling me about the girls at school. They like to chase him at recess and he told me one girl almost kissed him one day and he showed me how close she was to his face. On his birthday the whole class made cards for him. When he came home that day we read them together and it was all I could do not to laugh so hard. He told the class his favorite colors were red and blue, so everyone colored with red and blue. Then he told them his favorite animal was a manatee (who knew?) and a lot of them drew manatee's on their cards. One girl wrote: Emma likes you, Skyley likes you - te he. Another girl drew hearts all over and wrote: I love Zack. One boy wrote: Zack I like you. Pleeise be nise to me. We had a long talk about how we have to be nice to everyone, even if we think they are a little annoying. Zack loves school and his social interactions.

Zack has been playing on a basketball team for the last few weeks. All I can say is I need to start taking Valium before I go to the games. I have never had so much anxiety! Only one boy on their team has ever played before so they basically get creamed every game. Zack starts out really into it and seems to enjoy playing but by the second half he has given up and is just running around the court not paying attention to where the ball is. These kids on his team twirl around a lot and so he started doing it too. After his game this week Steve and I told him if he wants to sign up for ballet we would be happy to. He was not amused. Hopefully that will take care of it. (Not that there's anything wrong with male ballerinas!)

Zack had his 7th birthday a week ago. We do a big party every other year on the even years so this year I told him he could go to Classic with a friend or two and then we would have a family party. He invited his good friends Dresden and Logan and they spent a good 4 hours playing at classic and had a good time. The night before our family party he was saying his prayers and he prayed that he would get lots of good presents. I didn't say anything, when you're a kid it's OK to pray for that kind of stuff, right?

Zack just lost his 3rd tooth. Loosing teeth around here is traumatic. Eating is difficult. Pulling it is out of the question and the mere mention of it sends waves of fear and tears. Bribery doesn't work. We offered large sums of money to be done with it, but no amount was tempting enough. For a week it would bleed several times a day, causing panic and tears. On Thursday it was bad. According to Zack it was "squirting" blood. I think seeping would be more accurate. I kept finding bloody tissues around the house. I worried that he wouldn't be able to play in his basketball game that night. When I took him to theater class he refused to get out of the car and wouldn't stop crying. I said a silent prayer, at wits end. (Why is it that I only think to pray when I'm at wits end?) That evening, the tooth just fell out. Right before the game. Excitedly he exclaimed "my tooth fell out and I didn't even cry!" He repeats this line to everyone he tells the story too. I kindly leave out the part about how he cried for a whole week over that blasted tooth. Isn't the anticipation always worse than the actual event?

We love this little guy! Our lives would be so boring and meaningless without him. I have to remind myself to enjoy every minute because it is going by so fast and before we know it he's going to be all grown up.


SalGal said...

Oh, Deidra! You have such an adorable boy, I'm glad you take the time to write things down like this. You should look at getting that book "My Quotable Kid". It's a special journal that has different speech bubbles and it has a place to put when, where, date, etc. and then a bigger one to put the thing he said.

Have a great day!

Valerie S said...

Oh Deidra you write so well. I feel like I'm right there seeing everything. Zach is so cute and funny.

Alison said...

Hee hee. I loved all the things Zach is saying. And they say boys are easier...ha!

Amy said...

Oh my friend I have missed you! Glad to see you are back, especially with my favorite, Zack that kid, he's a hoot! Someone told me the other day that before I knew it, Con would be tall enough to bend over to kiss me on the forehead...I FREAKED! Too true, they grow so fast. Nice to see you back.

LindseyFae* said...

Anytime I see that you're posting Zack stories I'm so excited.. they always crack me up! You have your hands full with him.. he is so cute! No wonder all the girls chase him!! (p.s. I taught his class last Sunday and had to separate him and Andrew.. I hope he'll forgive me.)

Angela Maddock said...

Hey Deid, I miss your blog updates!!! Is Zack out of school? What do you have planned this summer? Hope all is well at the Augade house! Love, Ang