Thursday, November 11, 2010

I had no idea that could happen!

So on Monday we got our invitation in the mail from US immigration (USICS) to be fingerprinted. They gave us an appointment for Nov. 24th. Do you actually think we could sit around waiting over 2 weeks to be fingerprinted? No way! So on Tuesday Steve and I drove across the valley, waltzed into the local fingerprinting office and nicely asked if we could be fingerprinted. They didn't bat an eye or mention anything about our appointment being later in the month. I was very relieved as I have heard of people being yelled at in certain offices for trying this. It also helped that there were no other "customers" in the office and the government employees were all just watching TV.

So Steve goes first, they fingerprint him and he sits down. Smooth sailing. Then it's my turn, she takes my hand, gets my fingers wet and presses them to the screen (it's all digital). Then she says: "Hmmm, you don't have fingerprints." Excuse me, what?

It turns out, I have plumb worn off my fingerprints. The credit goes to my impeccable hand washing for which Steve is constantly telling me I do too much of. I also have a theory that the hand sanitizer we use at work is completely toxic and has melted the prints right off my fingers. I have to wonder what else it is doing to me. I wonder if I could get workers comp for this. ??

Long story short, I now have to wait to see if the prints pass muster (which I am sure they won't), wait for the letter saying I failed and to come get fingerprinted again, which I will fail again, then wait for the letter saying they failed again, and then I will have to go get a letter from Sandy City saying I am not a troublemaker, and send that in. Then we will get our I-800A approval.

Don't you love the logic of the government? Like do they really think I am just going to grow new prints in the next few weeks?


Samantha said...

Love the daily posts...keep them coming.

The Turleys said...

We have to use our fingerprints to do EVERYTHING at my work. It's amazing how many people do not have good fingerprints. It's a good thing you didn't wait for your appointment!

Stacy said...

Maybe if you don't wash your hands for two weeks they will grow back. :)

Deidra said...

Stacy, I thought of that. I am putting coconut oil on every night and wearing gloves to bed. Steve loves it!

Shannon said...

Seriously??..That is the strangest thing I have ever heard. Hmmm, what kind of trouble can you get in without fingerprints?... :)

Hope the coconut oil and gloves work.

Samantha said...

I was telling Brian about your post and he said that the fingerprints should grow back in about 2 weeks....not sure how he knows that, but good luck.