Friday, November 12, 2010

My favorite adoption themed movies

Australia - cried
Baby Mama - laughed
Benjamin Button - enjoyed
Juno - cried and laughed
Martian Child - loved it
The Blind Side - inspiring
August Rush - looooved the music
Meet the Robisons - need to see it
About a boy - need to see it
Despicable Me - does this count? They did get adopted. :)

Do you have others to add? Please comment!


Stacy said...

I think my all time favorite is "Meet the Robinsons". Also, the movie "About a Boy" isn't about adoption per say, but I felt like it had kind of a foster child/mentor feel to it. (When you listed Martian Child, it made me think of it).

fREnCh TrOSt said...

August Rush. I cried the entire movie & I never cry, especially in movies! But I did watch it 3 days after I had a baby, so I'm thinking that had a part in my uncontrollable emotions. Still, such a good movie.

Valerie S said...

My favorite all time adoption movie is Anne of Green Gables. I also like the Secret Life of Bees. I'm so excited for you to get your baby!

Angela Maddock said...

What about Annie? It is a classic!