Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Dossier

All of our hard work over the last few months is finally on it's way to China as of yesterday! Yea! I am so happy. We are waiting to hear our LID (log-in-date of dossier) and then we will be officially waiting for LOA from the Chinese government (FINAL approval to adopt our baby). LOA is taking an average of 51 days right now but I think it will be slowed down by the holidays, especially Chinese New Year which happens at the beginning of February, so we will see how long it actually takes. Pray for a speedy LOA for us! Merry Christmas!


Angela Maddock said...

Wow, Great news! It is in the Lord's hands now. We will be sending prayers your way. Thought about you when I read a story on KSL today about a family from Herriman bringing home two special children from China! You are next! Have a great Christmas. I loved your Christmas card and letter. Love, Ang

Jodi said...

We're praying! We're praying!