Friday, January 7, 2011

Zack Says...

Zack: If I ever DO get married someday, I want to cut the babies cord.

Me: Oh yeah, that would be cool huh? So you MIGHT want to get married now? Who would you want to marry?

Zack: Well, Allysa said she loves me, but she's not my type.

Me: Oh? What's your type?

Zack: You.

Cute huh? I think this conversation was inspired by my brothers new baby. We were all speculating before the birth if we thought Uncle Sean would be able to stomach cutting the cord. Actually we were wondering if he would be able to stomach being in the room while the baby was born. It turns out he did great, even though his wife needed an emergency c-section. Everyone is doing great now!


I was putting Zack to bed the other night when Steve came home from the gym all dripping with sweat. Of coarse he had to come smoother us with hugs right then and so Zack and I were yelling at him to get off us and go take a shower and ewwww!

Steve pretended to pout and said we didn't love him and he was going to go find a new family that did. I said "good luck with that!" sarcastically and Zack said: "Yeah, maybe a family of werewolves!"


(I forgot to post this one with our new bathroom update post earlier.)
As soon as our bathroom was finished, Zack wanted a bath. He was sick of showers. I got it ready for him and he got in and started laughing hysterically and then giggling he said: "Why am I laughing? He he, Oh, it's because I'm so happy!" Then he laughed some more. He really missed his baths!


Oysterblogger said...

that is funny. At least he loves his mommy! When do you go to China? Do you know yet and what province is she from?

Oysterblogger said...

p.s I just looked at her again....soooo cute!!!!

Deidra said...

Tash - We might go in May, crossing our fingers. She is in Yunnan province. Thanks!