Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daisy YuChen

On Monday morning we met our guide promptly at 8:10 am in the lobby of our hotel as instructed.  This was after we attempted to eat breakfast at the totally disgusting breakfast buffet in the hotel.  Even the drinks were gross.  I ate one bite of toast and egg and that was it, because my stomach was in knots.

We took a short van ride to the civil affairs office immediately got a stack of paperwork to start filling in and signing.  Luckily our guide told us what to put where because it was all in Chinese.  About half way through the pile a lady walks up the stairs into the room with two babies.  She walks over to us and hands us Daisy and then rushes out to deliver the other baby to another room.  Not a word was said and our guide kept nudging us to keep going on the papers.  So I held her while Steve wrote and tried to film until Sharon came and took over the camera.

Paul supervises while we do endless paperwork.  Minutes before Daisy is brought in.

All we knew of Daisy before was a chubby little baby about 5 or 6 months old.  I had a hard time recognizing our baby in this toddlers face.  She was terrified but didn't cry much, just a few little mewls.  She was clutching a tube of yogurt like her life depended on it.  She was dressed really cute in tights, pink soft shoes, a onesie, a white collared shirt and a pink cotton sundress.  Her hair was in pigtails  and two tiny barrettes helped hold her bangs back.  She is skinny!  She has four teeth up and four down. 

She sat on my lap throughout but wouldn't really look at me. She was interested in Zack.  I feel bad because we only got video, and not very many still pictures but I think we can extract some from the video when we get home.  It was just too crazy to worry too much about pictures, even though they are so important.  It would have been nice to have a little warning that she was coming, but that is how they do things.
Pictures I got from the video we took.  So sad we have none of Steve with her, he was too busy filling out all the paperwok!

Zack made her smile from the start!

During the paperwork we got out some of those Gerber puffs treats and let her take them from my hand.  She loved them.  We also tried a sucker but she made a sour face at it.  When we were almost done, one of the ladies (I don't remember who) told our guide something and he yelled at us "no more popcorn for baby!"  Apparently they didn't like us feeding that to her.  Also it was hot and they kept telling us to keep her warm and dress her warmly. 

I forgot to mention, it was clear right away that she was sick, I could feel stuff rattling in her chest and she had a runny nose and coughed once in a while.  Our guide all the sudden hands us a box and says "here's her medicine".   The box was only in Chinese of coarse.  We really had to drag the instructions out of everyone there to know how they wanted us to administer the medicine which turned out to be amoxicillin in powdered form.  The only gave us 5 doses and told us to give it to her 3 times per day.  Weird.  I don't know if that is going to do it but I have more from home, if I need to give it to her I can.

When we were done with the paperwork, they took a family picture and then we got in the van and headed to the passport office.  We have to rush a passport for her since we need it by Friday and it usually takes at least a month.  We had to have her picture taken for the passport and they put a red jacket on her for the photo and then of coarse she starts screaming when I set her down for the picture.  All these ladies who were waiting for their pictures outside came rushing in to try and maker her smile.  Then smarty pants Paul rushes out and gets the "popcorn" and waves it in her face.  Not helpful.  I had to beg him for the popcorn, which he gave me begrudgingly but of coarse when I gave it to her she stopped crying and they were able to take the picture.  Paul informed us that sometimes it takes hours to get the picture because they can not be crying.  Also, they had to crop out her pigtails, for some reason they are not allowed.

At the passport office.  Daisy holds a cup of "popcorn" because it makes her happy.

More waiting at the passport office while Paul runs around.

One more thing to sign and then we can go.

After the passport office it was off to the bank to get money to give the orphanage.  They get $5000.  I hope they use it wisely.  :)

Next is the funny part. The first day we met Paul I was trying to get him to tell me the schedule for the week so I could figure out how it was all going to go down.  He said, Monday, we get baby.  Tuesday we go to market to buy stuff for baby.  I had to stop him here, because I did not bring formula for the baby except one little packet because I was told you should give them the same stuff they are eating in China so they can keep something they are used to.  Also, I needed diapers because I only brought a few of those because who wants to transport diapers all over their vacation? Tomorrow was not going to cut it.  He really tried to argue, telling me tomorrow was going to be a hard day.  Um, yes, it certainly will be hard if our baby is starving and wet.  I finally told him never mind, I would go by myself to the store.  He decided to make it work. So after the bank, he took us to Walmart.  Who knew they had Walmart in China?  I guess they really are taking over the whole world! 

Riding in the van to Walmart.  Daisy was happy to sit with me but did not want to look at me!

We bought everything we needed including some jars of food and rice cereal.  This Walmart was four floors and worse to navigate than Ikea so we were there for a while.  Also, we really drew a crowd where ever we went so that slowed us down. 

After the shopping was done we came back to our hotel, which did I mention I hate?  No baby crib available, no air conditioning, bad breakfast, no one speaks English except the concierge, all cigarette smokey.  And my mom and Zack's room is on another floor from ours.  (We finally got them a room on our floor for an upcharge.)

When we get to the room I put Daisy on the bed and she starts freaking out and she cried herself sick for at least 2-3 hours.  The hotel staff called to see if everything was OK.  It wasn't.  I finally told Steve to take Zack and Sharon out to lunch since we hadn't eaten all day and I stayed with her while she cried and cried.  Finally, she started to cry less and less and doze off but she would still wake up and cry about every 30 seconds until she was finally really asleep.  We both took a short nap and then the others came home. 

We found out that she really, really likes stacking cups and her brush and comb and she really hates the bed for some reason.

Zack wanted to swim so we all went down to the pool and he and Steve took a swim while we watched and I fed Daisy some jar food which she really loved. 

See those steps?  Daisy stepped right off them and Steve dove and caught her in mid-air.  He's like Superman!

Daisy loves to play with stacking cups and water bottles.

"Who are these crazy new people?"

Next, we needed a walk (because my blisters need to get even bigger).  I put her in the Ergo carrier we brought and we walked back to Walmart for more jar food and then out to dinner at a place with no picture menu.  We were able to order pork with rice and noodles.  It was pretty good.  Did I mention that most places serve warm soda?  Daisy was a gem the entire time we were out and we started getting some smiles and maybe a laugh or two. 

At the restaurant with no pictures.  See the menu on the table?  We ended up going outside with the waitress to the window where they had meat hanging up and we pointed to some pork.  It was pretty good.

Time for bed.  In the bed she hates.  No crib available remember?  She cried herself to sleep on my chest while I rubbed her back, which she seemed to like.  The hotel people called again to say they were bringing something for baby, we couldn't understand what but hoped for a crib.  They never came.  Still curious what they were going to bring us. 

Finally sleeping, now can I put her down without waking her?

We had a fitful night but mostly slept.  Except Steve because he never sleeps anyway.  She woke at 6:30 and took a bottle. 

We had a good day today, mostly just took it easy.  We really wanted to see the famous stone forest while we were here but today was the only day we could have gone and we didn't know if it was a good idea to take her on an hour and a half bus ride each way and hike around a forest on the second day of having her.  Paul took us to the bird and flower market and we bought some cool stuff and bartered pretty well for good prices.  Actually one lady was yelling at us she was so mad.  But she sold me the stuff for my price anyway, so I don't think I was being too cheap. 

Paul and I were a great bargaining team.  It was a bonding moment for us and he was proud when I told him so.

Sharon took a while to find the perfect gourd flute for Jeff.

We saw the exact same gourds in the airport for 10 times as much!

At the Bird and Flower Market.

After shopping, Paul took us to lunch and ordered for us before he left.  He said he couldn't eat with us because he was too busy doing paperwork.  The food was OK, not the best we have had.  Daisy woke up right when our food came and started reaching for it so we tried to feed her some baby fruit with rice cereal mixed in.  She about came unglued.  We have a firecracker on our hands.  Before I knew what was happening she started hitting me, the baby food  and anything she could get her hands on.  I got control of her hands and she kicked her foot up on the table and brought down a whole bowl of soup, all over the place and us.  Don't fool your self into thinking she was just throwing a fit and flailing about, she was very deliberate in her hand and foot placements.  Then she threw her head back, arched her back and tried to fall on the floor!  Whew!  I immediately gave her the food we were eating and she was happy as a clam.  So we found out, if we are eating, we had better share!

Baby sleeping.  Nice baby.

Baby awake.  Mad baby!
(This was right before that bowl of soup went flying into my lap!)

After lunch we came back and she agreed to sit on the bed and play.  Steve talked her into it.  I am pretty sure she prefers him to me but she puts up with me because I feed her.  She was playing so happy on that bed for over an hour while Steve took a nap and I blogged.   

Did I mention that she has not been willing to stand up much let alone walk?  We were wondering if she could even walk.  Well, all of sudden she sees something on the bed she wants and gets up and walks over on the bed to get it!  So we put her down on the floor and put the "popcorn" across the room and she toddled right over to get it.  She has not stopped walking all day and practically ran right into the swimming pool this afternoon, twice.  Once Steve had to dive to get her and I about had a heart attack because I couldn't move fast enough.  Don't think we are bad parents.  Tomorrow we will put her in the pool because she was dying to get in but none of the adults were in their suits today, just Zack. 

Who can resist a little game of Ping Pong?

Pants optional.

Anyway, that is how it is going with Miss Daisy.  She is starting to trust us, and we are starting to see her personality come out a little.  She really likes Zack too and he is very cute with her.  He loves her to pieces.  He wants to carry her and kiss her and rubs her head.   

When we first came back to the hotel and she was crying and crying, he started crying too. He just couldn't handle it.  Then he said to me, "I knew getting a baby was a bad idea!  She just cries and cries!  And why did she have to be sick!?"  I reassured him and sent him with grandma.  Later in the day, when Daisy was smiling and playing a little he looked at me and said, "Now I think getting a baby was a really good idea!"

We think it was a good idea too and we are so happy to have her and get to know her and her cute self!

She's a crazy sleeper!

So glad to have grandma along!

This baby loves her daddy, he is so silly!

Zack was getting in the shower and they were both laughing hysterically as Daisy kept peeking through the glass at him.

Gimme those puffs!  Can't get enough of those puffs!

Even Zack loves puffs.

Daisy's first steps!  (At least that we saw)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update D.D. Daisy is beautiful!
Sandy (aka Vera Left)

Myranda, Shaun and Anna said...

So happy to hear you have her. I can't wait for pictures!!

Samantha said...

This post had me laughing and crying...I am so excited that you have her in your arms. Can't wait to meet her. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

so glad that you have her finally, I have enjoyed reading of your experiences over there..... when are you coming home? I want to come up and meet her!!

Love you guys lots and lots;

Tash said...

ha ha wow what an adjustment for her but better for sure! Jack read the post he was excited about it. Good luck on the return flight. I know she will love it when she finally gets her good bed!! That must be hard for you to see her miserable as she's adjusting but how lucky she is to have you guys and be coming home to Utah!!

Stacy said...

I am crying I am so happy for you!! Your post made me laugh too! know all about little girl firecrackers! Have fun! I can't wait to see pictures of her. I am excited for you to come home with your little family so that you can feed her all the popcorn you want. ;)

Shannon said...

I love Zack's comment about thinking it was a good idea to get a baby. It sounds like he is already a good big brother. I can't imagine what an adjustment you are all feeling. I love the stories you already have about Daisy. She is going to be so much fun to have around. I'm glad she is finally safe with you and Steve. Hope she gets feeling better and that she keeps warming up to her new family.

The Nielsens said...

I LOVE all of your stories! I can't believe you have her. She sounds like a little spitfire! I am SO happy for you!

Angela Maddock said...

I read this post yesterday, but didn't get a chance to comment until now. I can't get over how they gave her to you and Steve. So crazy!!! Not the presentation I expected?! I would love to see the video sometime. I wish I could tell Daisy to hang in there! Things will get better for everyone! It will be so wonderful to bring her into your home and her beautiful new room. I am so happy for you, Steve and Zack. I loved hearing that he thinks getting her was a good idea! Keep on bonding with that beautiful girl!

The Turleys said...

Such a roller coaster of emotions! I want to laugh and cry all at once. You'll make it and it will all be worth it!