Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So tired

No sleep last night, Daisy cried exactly every 10 minutes.  And punched me in the head a lot.

Also, my sister said "no offense but you sound kind of miserable".  Sorry guys.  I have a hard time hiding my feelings.  This is really hard and disappointing because I thought it would be "backpacking through Europe for 4 weeks hard".  But it is much more difficult than that.

Also, another funny thing I forgot to report.  We obviously couldn't bring enough clothes for us all for 3 weeks so we planned to do laundry.  There are no laundromats in China but we were led to believe that you can send out the laundry to be done.  We were also told not to have the hotel laundry do it because it is uber expensive.  So we had our hotel do a few items in Beijing for a big price and then were thinking when we got to Kunming our guide would handle finding us a laundry place.  (This is what other adoptive parents have reported their guides did for them.)  Our guide seemed baffled when we asked him.  Finally he told us he had found a place and so he and Steve took a whole suitcase of yucky clothes to the place. 

Want to guess at a price?  $45 USD!  I could have bought a whole new wardrobe in China for that price.  Oh well, that's life in China!  Oh, and it took 2 whole days to get it done, so we have been washing underwear in the sink in the meantime.  Hopefully the website was correct and our hotel in Guangzhou will have a washer and dryer.  Crossing my fingers!

See you soon!


Shannon said...

Oh Deid, i'm so sorry. Consider her a newborn with great arm control. I bet she'll sleep through the night once you are home and your lives are a little less chaotic. We'll continue to keep you all in our prayers.

Becca Jo said...

I'm SOOOOOOO happy for you guys. It's funny because I have been saying that having a newborn is just as hard as I remembered it would be and it sounds like getting a baby at any age has it's own struggles. She's getting a great family and I'm so excited for you guys!

Tiffany said...

Deidra -
When I read your posts I think - Deidra has the most amazingly positive attitude. You have managed to put positive notes in every single post you have written. I would be a snivelling ball of whiny horse doo-doo by now. The situation sounds absolutely exhausting, both physically and emotionally! I hope it gets better quickly, and I KNOW it will get better once you get home and find a routine. We miss you!
Also - Daisy sounds both feisty and absolutely adorable!

Stephen, Erica, Kalli, Ziek, Sky, Luke said...

As always you Diedra you are my hero! I am just blown away by your experiences - your whole family is amazing. I agree with Tiffany that you have a fantastic attitude given the circumstances. This all brings back memories of the first few weeks of my mission to the Philippines, the culture shock was so unbelievable that I literally thought I was going as crazy as everything seemed around me. But to deal with all that and a new baby - you are a champ. Hang in there! Thanks for sharing!

Angela Maddock said...

Praying for a washer and dryer in Guangzhou! Especially important with a toddler! Can't wait to see pictures some day and Daisy in person!

Samantha said...

Diedra....hang in there. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to be in your shoes....foreign country, new baby that doesn't know what is going on, major language barrier...the list goes on and on. It will be so much better when you guys get home in a normal routine. Until then, try to enjoy every bit of this crazy journey that you are on. Prayers coming your way.

SalGal said...

My Chinese son (our exchange student from last year) is from Guangzhou! You will have to tell me all about it when you get back. I'm glad to see that things got better (in your next post). My 8 y.o. is sitting next to me and is very fascinated that you went all the way to China to get a baby!

Amanda said...

Hi Deidra!
I am following along with great interest! My time in China is coming soon and I am thoroughly enjoying learning more about China from you- you have quite a knack for writing! Daisy sounds wonderful, except for the not sleeping thing, yikes! But I'm sure her cuteness makes up for it ;-) Well, the next morning of course. Can't wait to see pictures!!